Review: Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for the 9.7″ iPad Pro

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IMG_0070The Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for the 9.7″ iPad Pro is an exceptional accessory that compliments the already versatile and powerful addition to the iPad Pro lineup.  The original iPad was introduced in 2010, and with every iteration and improvement it has shed the simple content consumption device label, and become a more powerful and effective tool.  However, even with the newest variant, there are still neigh sayers out there on the fence about the the full capabilities of the iPad Pro, whether it be the 9.7 or 12.9 version.  Despite this, the CREATE Keyboard Case makes an undeniable assertion that the iPad Pro will be a more than adequate solution for the majority of users–even the  most demanding power users, and here’s why.

The Keyboard

Let’s start with the most important feature of the CREATE Keyboard Case–the keyboard!  Let’s face it, any iPad keyboard case worth its weight in gold needs to have an exceptional keyboard.  If you’re using your iPad to type on with any regularity, you want a keyboard that adds to your productivity, not distracts from or suppresses it.  With that in mind, there are some basic features that are essential.  Let’s start with the keys.  The layout of the keys takes advantage of the full width of the case, ensuring that they are spaced well enough apart for effortless typing.


Logitech has equipped the keyboard with mechanical scissor keys with key travel of 1.4 mm.  This depth, provides the user with a comfortable typing layout that is also responsive and familiar when compared to standard laptop keyboards.  In addition there is a full row of iOS shortcut keys that run across the top of the keyboard were you might typically find function keys.  These shortcut keys include a home button, screen brightness and volume control, keyboard brightness, music playback controls and a lock button.

Smart Connector

Logitech was the first to utilize Apple’s Smart Connector.  With the Smart Connector the power to run the keyboard comes directly form the iPad.  No longer do you have to worry if your keyboard is charged, or has adequate battery life available.  Gone are the days of having to pair Bluetooth keyboards to your device.  After your iPad is installed in the CREATE Keyboard Case, simply angle it to match with the Smart Connector.  Surprisingly strong magnets make this process fool proof and quick.


Backlit Keys

Another nice touch built into the CREATE keyboard case is backlit keys.  These keys have three adjustable light levels, that allow you to choose the light source the matches your needs.  Additionally, the CREATE manages your activity to turn the backlight off when it detects no activity for 8 seconds after the last keyboard stroke.  It will go into sleep mode, but will come back on as soon as activity is resumed.  While this is a nice feature that can potentially save your iPad battery, I wish there was an option to turn off sleep mode.  The whole purpose of having a backlit keyboard is to be able to see the keys.  At the very least, I would like the option to adjust the time before it goes to sleep, much like you can with your iPad.


Durability & Protection

At the end of the day the CREATE Keyboard Case is also a case.  There is a level of anticipated protection associated with a case that covers your whole iPad– even with a keyboard attached to it.  So, what about the CREATE?  Does it pass the litmus test?  The case is covered with a durable fabric that delivers on protection.  Unfortunately, I learned this first hand a week after I installed the CREATE.  I dropped my iPad from waist height onto a parking lot one day when I tried to carry too much at one time.  The CREATE came through, protecting my iPad, even on a corner fall!  There was a small scuff on the fabric that I was easily able to brush off.  Logitech boasts that the CREATE provides resistance to bumps, scratches and spills, because of a lightweight polycarbonate frame.  Furthermore, the case contains a keyboard module that provides lightweight structural integrity.


Apple Pencil

One thing I have yet to mention is the integrated Apple Pencil holder that’s stashed in the crease behind the iPad screen.  I currently don’t have an Apple Pencil so I wasn’t able to try it first hand, but when I do pick one up, I am very much looking forward to having this safe and convenient place dedicated to keeping my investment secure and available whenever I need it.



With the CREATE Keyboard Case, Logitech has offered the first iPad case that I can say I really enjoy using.  I often find myself preferring to carry it with me instead of taking my 15″ MBP when I leave the house because of the convenience, utility and dual functionality it provides.  There are very few drawbacks that I encountered while testing the CREATE.  I do wish it had multiple viewing angles, even though for the most part this isn’t an issue for me.  I would also prefer there was an adjustable time limit for the backlight before in went into sleep mode.


My iPad Pro occasionally slipped out of the case and the volume adjustment buttons on the case didn’t always seems to match up with my iPad.  However, in all fairness, issues resulting from the fit of the case can most likely be attributed to the fact that I had a dbrand skin already installed on my iPad when I tested the case.

Available in both blue and black, you can pick up a CREATE Keyboard Case for your 9.7″ iPad Pro for $129.99.


The Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for the 9.7″ iPad Pro was provided for review on iPad Insight. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.




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6 thoughts on “Review: Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case for the 9.7″ iPad Pro”

  1. I hope it does less damage to the iPad’s than my two larger ones did. It took 6 months numerous examples email and several trips to the Apple Store to get Logitech to pay for replacing the iPad and taking the case back… FYI, they won’t refund the tax you pay on it.

  2. Carrying over my view from the larger iPad Pro and (therefore) the larger Create case:

    I enjoy the typing, but not the case. The taking off and inserting, I mean.I take from the “BTW…” line that this has improved with the smaller one.

    I have noticed, that having the iPad in the Create case made me treat it as a notebook. That means considering it locked in landscape orientation with a keyboard attached. Whereas in my view the market niche (or unique selling point) of a tablet (any tablet) is the combination of its screen size, its ease of changing screen orientation and its lack of a fixed keyboard.

    I’m typing this comment on the screen keyboard of my default computing device at all: an iPad Air 2. In pirtrait mode.

    However, I have greatly improved the usefulness (attractiveness) of that larger iPad Pro by inserting it in a “360 Degree Rotating” cover and pairing it with a foldable Bluetooth keyboard. (I purchased both from MiniInTheBox,com.)

    I don’t regret the purchase of the Create, but I’ll use it as an exceltion, not as a rule.

    1. Hi Chris–thanks for the comment.

      I don’t have any experience with the 12.9″ iPad Pro CREATE case. From what I’ve heard the 9.7″ version is a noticeable improvement–hopefully addressing some of the concerns users like yourself have expressed.

      I have never been much a fan of using my iPad Pro, or any other iPad I have owned, in portrait mode. Having said that, I just picked up the CREATE case with my iPad Pro installed, and when you fold it back on itself, it isn’t unreasonable to use in portrait mode–but not ideal, like you mentioned.

  3. I purchased the Logitech 9.7″ iPad Pro Create Case, but returned it after the plastic holding the iPad in place cracked in two places.

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