Review: Marware C.E.O. Hybrid Case for the new 2012 iPad

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C.E.O. Hybrid Case for New iPad

I’ve had a Marware C.E.O. Hybrid case for both the original iPad and the iPad 2. They are quite good, versatile cases. They’ve never been my favorites, but I’ve kept them around as solid options and my daughter still uses one on the original iPad.

So naturally when the C.E.O. Hybrid Case for the New (2012) iPad came out, I ordered one without hesitation. I’ve had it for a good number of days now and have been putting it to good use, and also comparing it with another case for the new iPad that is awfully similar to the CEO Hybrid but priced at less than half the price of Marware’s case – the Moko Slim Fit Folio Stand Case.

Marware CEO Hybrid Case for 2012 iPad


Here’s a little slice of Marware’s description of this case:

The Marware C.E.O. Hybrid case for the new iPad is a slim, versatile folio case that protects and enhances your iPad experience with thought-provoking style.

And some of its key features noted on its product page:


• Automatic sleep/wake lid
• Stands iPad at 120°, 140° and 165° angles – ideal for typing, viewing and FaceTime
• Innovative interior hand strap improves grip of device
• Convenient elastic strap secures the case open or closed
• iPad camera hole on back of case
• Lighter and thinner than most folio covers (3.1mm thin back, 6.5mm thin front)
• Allows access to all controls and ports for charging and syncing while still in the case


• Covers 97% of the iPad when closed
• Hard interior plastic spine provides extra protection
• Sleek, impact resistant structure covered with soft, scratch-resistant fabric
• Reinforced snap-in corners for added protection and security
• Soft, genuine microsuede interior to help prevent scratching
• Protects speaker without sound interference

Marware also stresses that the magnets for thus case have been tested and approved for use with the new iPad.

The case comes in a range of five colors (Carbon Fiber, Black, Brown, Pink, and Red) and goes for $49.99. I’ve got the Carbon Fiber model.



— As with the previous generations, the CEO Hybrid for the new iPad is a good, versatile case. It’s easy to use the iPad while it’s in the case so it’s a good ‘round the house’ case if you want it to be, and it offers good protection and is good for when you’re out and about with the iPad as well.

— It looks smart and professional. I think the Carbon Fiber model looks particularly good.

— It works well as a stand. It has built-in grooves on the inside front cover that position the iPad at good angles for viewing and typing.

CEO Hybrid as Stand

— The iPad feels completely secure when in the case. It fits very snugly with a screen protector and Gelaskin on the iPad, but still fits, works well, and doesn’t do any damage to the screen protector or Gelaskin.

iPad Inside


— The clasps that the CEO Hybrid uses are not pleasant to deal with. They make it a little (needlessly) slow to close the case and very slow to open it. The iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature works OK without fully closing the claps – so I’d much prefer to just not have the clasps, or to have them be less thick and cumbersome.

Getting the iPad in and out of the case with a screen protector and Gelaskin on is very slow and takes a fair amount of effort. It’s probably not as difficult with a ‘naked’ iPad but for me this is a disadvantage as I prefer the iPad to have some minimal screen and back protection. This may not be a lowlight if you don’t use a screen protector and/or a Gelaskin.

Marware CEO Hybrid and Moko Slim Fit for New iPad

CEO Hybrid vs. Moko Slim Fit

The CEO Hybrid and the Moko Slim Fit Folio look very similar on both the outside and the interior. That’s the CEO Hybrid on the right above and at the top of the image below.

Interiors Compared

The Moko Slim Fit seems to have been heavily ‘inspired’ by the CEO Hybrid. The interiors are nearly identical and the exteriors aren’t far off that either. Both include the hand strap and the CEO Hybrid has a slimmer, longer elastic strap to secure the case open than the one used on the Moko Slim Fit. The Moko Slim Fit leaves the iPad’s speaker exposed while the CEO Hybrid protects it and is touted as doing so without sound interference.

Cutouts are good on both cases, though they’re a little more precise on the CEO Hybrid.

I much prefer the way the clasps work on the Moko Slim Fit. It’s easier to open and close the case with them.

Both cases look good, offer good all-round protection and work well as both case and stand.

The CEO Hybrid, as mentioned above, is priced at $49.99. The Moko Slim Fit is available at the time of writing for $17.99 on Amazon.


The Marware CEO Hybrid, to borrow a bit from Dennis Green, is what we thought it was – a good, solid and versatile case for the new 2012 iPad, just as its earlier models continue to be for the original iPad and iPad 2. It looks good (especially the Carbon Fiber I think) and offers good protection.

The same holds true for the Moko Slim Fit, which is priced at nearly a 2/3 discount to Marware’s case. Both are very good iPad cases, but I find I enjoy using the Moko Slim Fit a little more than the CEO Hybrid.

For more details on the CEO Hybrid, or to place an order, see Marware’s product page for it here:

Disclosure: This case was independently purchased by the post author. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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16 thoughts on “Review: Marware C.E.O. Hybrid Case for the new 2012 iPad”

  1. I thought I might be the only one having an issue with quickly opening the front of the case – I guess not. Maybe it just takes time to “loosen” but the the CEO for the iPad 3 is definitely harder to open than the one on the iPad 2.

  2. I think the clasps could just do with being less thick. Maybe it will loosen up over time, but for now it’s a pretty big drawback for me.

    1. The solution is actually easier than that – I just took a pair of pliers to the tab at the top and the tab at the bottom. I bent them backwards a little bit at a time until it closed with a light press and opens really easily, but not so much that it flops around.

      Give that a shot – might improve your impression.

  3. how heavy is it? i had the marware hybrid for my original ipad and found it adds a significant amount of weight…has the new ipad version become lighter?

    1. It felt just a touch lighter than previous generations to me – but that could just be my feeling, I didn’t weigh them for comparison. I think most of these style cases do make the iPad feel a fair bit heavier than they do with just a smart cover or similar.

      1. Thanks for the reply :)

        I would be very interested if/when you get a chance to review the M Edge Incline Jacket for the New iPad!

  4. Agree about the clasps on the Hybrid CEO, but it is a good & useful case. The iPad is crazy slippery and I was constantly afraid of dropping it, and it would always slide around on my lap making typing difficult. This case solved both issues 100%.

    I noticed the price bouncing around a lot on Amazon. I initially ordered at $40 but canceled due to shipping delay–then they dropped price to $24 so I reordered but delivery was around a week.

  5. I had the iPad version 1 and I liked, really comfortable and durable.
    Now I have the new iPad and I would like the new version of this great case.

  6. Thinness and exterior beauty seem strong points, but it would be more functional on the road if it had connectors for a strap to sling over your shoulder. Slots for drivers license and cards on the interior flap would give it added functionality.

  7. I’m looking for a cover that is very light. How much does it weigh and does it make the normally slim iPad feel bulky?

  8. I like the fact that it is lighter and thinner than most folio covers. Protection without heavy weight or extra thickness. ;-)

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