Review: Moko Slim Fit Case for iPad mini

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Moko Slim Fit iPad mini case

As some of you may recall, last year I did a review of the Moko Slim Fit Case for the iPad 3 – and was quite impressed with the low-priced folio case.

Because of that good impression I ordered a Moko Slim Fit Case for iPad mini as soon as I noticed they were available – hoping it would be just as good as its big brother. I’ve had the case for several weeks now, used it a lot, and can now share some thoughts on it.


The Moko Slim Fit for the iPad mini is a folio style case, similar to the Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad mini – but with a few notable differences which I’ll mention below.

The case is made of PU leather on its exterior, with a microfiber interior. Here are some of its notable features:

    • Automatically wake/put to sleep Your iPad Mini. Acess to all feature and control (speakers not blocked).
    • Premium PU leather exterior and microfiber interior. Built-in stand with multiple angles for typing and viewing.
    • Built-in hand strap improves one-handed reading/viewing. Rubber band to hold the front cover open.
    • Padded front cover and plastic hardback offer enhanced protection, at front, back, and all CORNERS.

It comes in a range of colors: black, blue, green, magenta, orange, purple, red, white, carbon fiber black, and genuine leather black. Oddly, the standard black case goes for $9.99 – while all the others colors are priced between $17.99 and $24.99. I didn’t actually notice that until I was writing this post – I ordered the standard black one just because I like that color choice best for this case.

Moko Slim Fit iPad mini case


— The case isn’t beautiful, but it’s attractive enough for use as an everyday or business case for the iPad mini.

— It offers good protection for the front, back, and left side (in portrait mode) – and some protection for the right side and top and bottom of the iPad mini.

— The iPad mini fits nice and secure into the interior frame of the Moko Slim Fit – and it’s easy to get the iPad mini in and to remove it from the case. Much easier than with the Marware CEO Hybrid I’d say. I also much prefer the single clasp used on the front cover of this case, that securely closes it. It works more effectively than the CEO Hybrid’s multiple clasps.

Moko Slim Fit iPad mini case

— Cutouts are good and generous, and the automatic sleep/wake feature on the iPad mini works as expected with this case.

— This case has good tolerance for the Gelaskin I use on the back of my iPad mini. As in, the iPad mini still fits perfectly, is till easy to insert and remove, and no damage is done to the Gelaskin by the case. I often find it disappointing when other cases are made to fit so precisely that I either have to remove the Gelaskin or live with the risk of it being ripped up.

— It’s got an elastic band that holds the front cover in place when you fold it over the back, and stylus loop.

— It offers a few angles when used as stand – with pretty deep grooves in the inside microfiber cover that make it easy to use and adjust.

Moko Slim Fit iPad mini case

Moko Slim Fit iPad mini case


— The case is not overly bulky, but it doesn’t feel as slim to me as its big brother case did on the iPad 3. I think this is more about how light the iPad mini is, than a major knock on this case. And after using a case like the Moshi VersaCover almost any other iPad mini case is bound to feel a little less slim and light.


The Moko Slim Fit Case for iPad mini is quite a good all-rounder sort of folio case. At under $10 it’s certainly offers excellent value for money.

You can see more details on the case or place an order at this Amazon page.

Disclosure: This case was independently purchased by the post author. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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  1. Just read the review. I like the ability to slide my hand into the strap and use it as a way to hold the iPad mini with one hand.

  2. Pics look pretty adorable. If I win, will have to purchase a mini to go with it. Thanks for the consideration.

  3. Really like all the options with this case. Extreme versatility… It’s going to Rock my Mini \m/

  4. I really like the elastic band feature asi have this on a case with my kindle touch and find it, well handy !

  5. I like its all-round ability, with the flexibility to meet virtually all demands of the user. And it’s pleasing to the eye, ideally matching the aesthetics of the iPad.

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