Review: Moko Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case for the New 2012 iPad – Very Nice Case for Under $20

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Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad

I’ve had my new 2012 iPad (or iPad 3) for over two weeks now, having acquired it on launch day – and of course I’ve been looking out for good cases for it since before the iPad was even in my hands. The Moko Slim-Fit Folio Stand for the new iPad (and iPad 2) is one of the first I have tried.

I’ve had the case for nearly two weeks now and have had a chance to use it quite a lot. The short story on it is that it’s a heck of a good case for the 2012 iPad – especially for its price point of under $20. It’s made of PU leather (an inauspicious term if ever there was one), which is defined like so by Wikipedia:

Bicast leather (also known as bycast leather, split leather or PU. leather) is a split leather with a layer of polyurethane applied to the surface and then embossed. Bycast was originally made for the shoe industry for glossy shoes, and recently was adopted by the furniture industry. The resulting product has an artificially consistent texture that is easier to clean and maintain.

It actually feels pretty nice. Not luxurious or soft like some more expensive padded leather cases, but it’s comfortable and feels like it’s well made.

Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad


I haven’t been able to find Moko’s own page for this case. I first heard of it thanks to a forum thread from everythingiCafe forum member Tinman that linked to its Amazon product page. He actually managed to grab one for $10. I got in shortly afterwards at $16.00 and the case is currently going for $18.99 on Amazon.

Here are the technical details listed for it on its Amazon page:

    • Designed specifically for your new IPad?3rd generation): built-in stand with multiple angles : Auto sleep/wake
    • Premium quality PU leather. Premium quality microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection.
    • Interior hand strap improves one-handed reading/viewing.
    • Small rubber band in the back to secure the front cover when folded back.
    • Please search "MoKo ipad case" for other colors and styles.

It has got stellar reviews at Amazon – 52 out of 56 are four and five stars.

Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad


— The iPad fits nice and snugly in the case and is very secure when inside it. I’ve given it a number of good shakes and similar little tests and it always stays in firmly.

Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad

— The back camera cutout is spot-on and you can charge the iPad while it’s in this case.

— The automatic sleep/wake feature works mostly well – see Lowlights below for the qualifier on this.

— This is not an especially lightweight case, but it’s not overly heavy either. I’m not sure I’d want to use it as my everyday around the house case (where I prefer the iPad with just the Smart Cover and a Gelaskin), but it’s more than comfortable when out and about at meetings and things with it.

— It works very well as a stand, and is super simple to position at three angles. The typing angle is particularly good.

Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad

Moko Slim-Fit for 2012 iPad

— It also works well with a screen protector and a Gelaskin on the back of my iPad. It hasn’t roughed up either of them at all.


— The case has a clasp that fully closes the front cover over the right side of the iPad. This is not quite as quick and easy to open as I would like. It has to be all the way closed in order for the automatic sleep feature to work. It feels to me like there could be less of the clasp, allowing it to open and close a bit more easily and let the auto sleep feature work more smoothly.


As I said above, this is quite a nice case for the new 2012 iPad. And it’s currently priced very nicely too. Under $20 for a solid iPad case plus stand with automatic sleep/wake functionality is good to see.

The case appears to be well made and is smart and professional looking.

You can see more details on it, or place an order, at its Amazon page linked below. If you decide you want to order and are OK with this site getting a small affiliate percentage of the sale, use the affiliate link below. They’re both the same case at the same price at Amazon. 

MoKo Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case for Apple New IPad 3 /IPad 2 / IPad3 with Smart Cover Auto Wake/Sleep’>Affiliate link

Amazon link

Disclosure: This case was purchased independently by the post author. For information about our review policies please see our About page

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8 thoughts on “Review: Moko Slim-Fit Folio Stand Case for the New 2012 iPad – Very Nice Case for Under $20”

  1. Looks very close to the Marware CEO Hybrid. Like – “hrm, maybe we should make a cheaper version of that” type close.

  2. Hey Patrick,

    Great case and nice review I’ve been using mine since just after launch.

    I had similar feelings when I reviewed it on my site and I was lucky enough to pick it up for $10 as well (thank you slickdeals) , but easily worth the current $20 price. My only real complaint was the slight bounciness when typing. Maybe it’s because my last case was the Switcheasy CANVAS who’s latch was impossible to close, but so far its been so much nicer and easier to close this case. However, a completely latchless cover, with magnets to hold it it place WOULD be even better.

    The sellers (BSCstore) are planning on launching their own site soon, but for now you can only get it through their Amazon Store. I noticed a few very similar cases as well, but one of them seemed to have the extra strap to hold the front cover to the back (when folded open), which I thought was kind of a nice little addition.

  3. Got the Moko with my Ipad 2 (first Ipad purchacse and love it. My Ipad was dropped on the road bounced and hit two corners scuffing up the cover but the ipad id in fine shape – got to love the cover.

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