Review: Pad & Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3

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Pad and Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3

I’ve been hearing very good things about Pad & Quill cases for ages. Recently I got in contact with the company and they were kind enough to send me a few review units. The first one that I’ve had a chance to spend a good amount of time with is the Graduate Edition for iPad 3.


Here’s a little detail on the case via Pad & Quill’s page for it:

We’ve taken the best features of the lightweight College Edition and the intelligent design of the Octavo and merged them into our Graduate Edition for iPad (3)/ iPad® 2. A camera portal, magnetic sensor and all new wood frame with Sure-Lock system are included in this beautiful hand made case.


  • Fits both the iPad 2 and iPad (3)
  • Hand Made in the Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Protects and magnifies the beauty of your iPad
  • NEW stronger wood frame with Sure-Lock bumper system to hold your iPad VERY secure
  • NEW improved magnetic On/Off feature wakes and puts to sleep your iPad…by closing the book
  • Covered in traditional book bindery cloth.  It feels like your holding a real book…because you are!
  • Sound Channel which directs the sound back to you
  • Satin finished wood for a beautiful smooth and durable finish
  • Classic PQ ‘Bookmark’ for easy device removal
  • Pocket option for those little documents on the go
  • Access to all ports on the iPad
  • 3 color styles to choose from

It’s important to note that first point on the feature list – it’s compatible with both the new iPad 3 and the iPad 2.

Pad and Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3

My review unit has the Deep Sea Blue/ Slate color scheme.

This case is currently priced at $59.99.


— The P&Q Graduate Edition is an elegant looking case, inside and out. I really like the shade of slate used for the cover material. The cover material is handsome and also a little understated. As in, it’s not a big attention grabber but it’s plenty attractive when you give it a good look – and I think that’s a nice feature in itself.

Pad and Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3

— The iPad’s automatic sleep/wake feature works well with the case.

— It’s surprisingly light. The more I’ve carried my iPad in the Graduate Edition, the better it has felt. It’s much lighter than I expected while still feeling quite solid.

— The cutouts for the iPad’s buttons and ports are generous and allow easy access to them all when the back cover is folded behind. The power button cutout is a little deep but still functional.

Pad and Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3

— The ‘sound channel’ does seem to add a little oomph to sound output while in the case.

— The iPad slots into the wooden frame easily and is held extremely securely by the frame and its large rubber bumpers in each corner. It’s also relatively easy  to get the iPad out of the case when needed – and made easier of course with the ‘bookmark’ tab. My iPad fits in nicely with a lovely Gelaskin on the back of it.

— When you want to use the iPad while in the case, the front cover folds behind nicely and can be held in place with the included elastic strip. This makes working with the iPad quite comfortable.

— Although it doesn’t have any grooves in place to use it as a stand, the case naturally folds down to a very nice angle for typing if you set it down with the home button on the left hand side in landscape mode.

Pad and Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3


— Almost none to speak of – though I’ll mention that the case does not offer a good viewing position as a stand – if you’re looking to just set it down and watch movies or similar.


The Pad & Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3 is an excellent all-round case. It’s lightweight to carry while still being solidly built and holding the iPad securely. It’s quietly handsome and smart looking and comfortable to work with. I’ve found this case has grown on me the more I use it.

For more information or to place an order, check out the product page for the P&Q Graduate Edition.

Disclosure: Pad & Quill provided me with a review unit for this case. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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43 thoughts on “Review: Pad & Quill Graduate Edition Case for iPad 3”

  1. Hello!
    Im from México city, and i want this case.
    Please tell me how I can do for buy one?

    Tanks, and sorry for the bad inglish XD

  2. Do headphones with an L shaped connector work well with this case? For example a pair of Beats by Dre heaphones? Also how difficult is it to access the power button and volume and lock?

    1. Sorry I don’t know about the headphones question. I’ve never used any of those.

      It’s not difficult to use the power button. The cutout is a little deep but it’s still accessible enough when the front cover is open.

  3. I have this case. Have you had the problem with the case turning the ipad off when flipping the front of the case over to the back? It’s the magnet, and on mine it’s become a regular frustration with the case for me.

    1. Hi Jonathan. I haven’t had that issue, but then again I don’t use this case constantly as an everyday case.

  4. I love the look of this cover would love to have one to protect my Ipad. It is very stylish and I love the way it looks like a leather bound journal – simply beautiful. The bookmark adds that extra fun touch as well.

  5. Wow!!!!! It’s just what I need. I really like how low profile it is. I seems good for the urban minimalist to the conservative businessman.

  6. I’ve been looking at a case like this for a while for the wife. May try to get it for her for Christmas. She reads on her IPad all the time. This review may have sealed the deal.

  7. This has such a classy appearance that I would never consider it an “accessory”. The security features of this product particularly appeal to me as I like to take my iPad 3 roaming outside for the purpose of taking HD shots to send my folks in Hong Kong via Dropbox or iMessage.

  8. This case looks great! Looks sturdy and has a great professional look to it. Can’t wait to get one of these!

  9. I like how it looks like a book, right down to the bookmark that serves a function. I’m already carrying books to my classes. The look of surprise when I hook my “book” to the projector to put notes up would be fun to see.

  10. This cover has awesome looks an archaic well maintained book look i would love to win it oh yea and the ipad too

  11. what an awesome cover…i keep looking at it and it gets better and better each time, i can just imagine walking inti a meeting with this and my ipad 3 inside and people thinking its a mole skin notebook and than baaaaaam, i whip out the jewels hiding beneath. awesome just awesome

  12. This cover looks awesome, love the classic look! While the modern deigns are fun and funky, classic deign will always be timeless. Hope I win! :)

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