Review – Portenzo Composition Case for iPad 2

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iPad 2 Composition Case

The Portenzo Composition for iPad 2 Case is a clever case that looks just like an old-school composition notebook. Actually, just like current composition books as well – I wasn’t sure these were still around but my daughter set me straight on that.

When I first saw the Composition I thought it looked great and ordered one straight away. After a week of using it heavily I can tell you that I’m not disappointed with it – hit the jump for some good reasons why …


The Composition is handmade in the USA, using traditional bookbinding materials. It’s even said to gain a ‘patina of wear like the real thing’. I always like seeing that as a feature on iPad cases – it adds to their character.

Here are some of the key features listed for the Composition at its Portenzo product page:

    • Automatic Sleep/Wake feature – Just like the Apple® Smart Cover! <<———-
    • Exclusive Audio-Flow™ Sound Chamber
    • Sewn-on Pitch Black Cloth Spine Wrap, lasts forever and provides extra grip!
    • NEW! Hand sanded American Maple frames are beautiful and silky smooth
    • Smooth radius corners for a truly unique look
    • Double-Glued elastic band won’t ever come undone!
    • Optional Magna-Grip™ cover eliminates the elastic band for a cleaner look
    • Optional DUST PROOF Camera Access Port on the rear cover

The case comes with minimal packaging – but does come with a nice little tan microfiber cleaning cloth.

It’s priced at $79.95, and comes in a range of 11 colors. I ordered one with the stylus loop option which I hope will prove quite handy if I find a stylus I like using.

Composition Case Interior


— This case just looks really cool, if you have any nostalgia about or even the least bit of fondness for the idea of having a composition book style iPad case. It looks pretty much just as I expected it to, and that’s a good thing.

— It feels solid and well made – and like a high quality case.

— It’s easy to get the iPad 2 in and out of the case, and the wood frame inside holds the iPad 2 very securely. I’ve given it a good ol’ shake several times while it’s been in the case and the iPad 2 has never budged.

iPad in Compostion Case
— The iPad 2’s automatic sleep/wake feature works perfectly with this case – and I have not noticed the iPad waking up when it shouldn’t at all in the Composition, which it has done in several other cases I’ve tried out.

— The front cover folds over the back easily, making it comfortable to use the iPad while it’s in the case. It also naturally creates a very nice typing angle for the iPad when laid flat on a desk or table.

iPad Typing in Composition Case

— It’s a great conversation starter. It has drawn attention and had people asking about it and admiring it just about everywhere I’ve used it when out and about.

— I don’t know what the heck the ‘Exclusive Audio-Flow™ Sound Chamber’ is all about, but the volume does sound a bit pumped up when the iPad 2 is in the case.


— The Portenzo branding on the case is too much. Their logo appears near the top center of the outside front cover, in roughly the same position on the inside front cover, and again towards the bottom of the back cover. Once is more than enough for this sort of branding on this case.

— This is not a knock on the case at all, but the Portenzo website is horrendously slow. They really need some handmade in USA web designers to help them out with that.


I was hoping I’d like this case a lot and I’m happy to say I absolutely do. It has quickly become my new favorite, take it everywhere case for the iPad 2 whenever I’m out of the house. It’s well made, cool looking, and just a fun concept that makes it a great conversation starter with other iPad owners. If this is in your budget range for an iPad 2 case, I definitely recommend it.

If you want more details on the Composition for iPad 2, or want to place an order, check out its product page here:

Disclosure: This case was independently purchased by the post author.  For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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21 thoughts on “Review – Portenzo Composition Case for iPad 2”

  1. Two comments:

    1) You’re right about the website. I couldn’t even get it to load.

    2) The case looks nice, but $80 is way too steep considering you can get good keyboard cases for just a bit more.

  2. I’ve got agree that $80 is just too much. I’d jump all over this at about $40-50. They can skip the fancy wood interior and save some bucks I’m sure.

  3. Point taken, I think a better, more attractive price point would be in the $50-70 range. Given that the Apple smart covers go for $40-70, I don’t think this case is outrageously priced though. I think they should certainly think about removing the $10 charges for extra options.

  4. The case looks fantastic but it’s very expensive. When you consider how many apps/ songs etc you could buy with that then it’s probably not worth it.

    Would still love to try one out though.

  5. This looks like it is very finely made and would hold the iPad securely. For the price, I would hope that it wears well over time.

    Thanks for your reviews. I appreciate your site a lot.

  6. I’m particularly impressed with the maple frame that surrounds the iPad. Using real hardwood is refreshing and unique.

  7. I love it. And the best thing about it is that I work for a book printer and it would make my Ipad2 (e-book reader) incognito to my co-workers. Because we all know e-books are the enemy of the paper printed type. :P

  8. I loved these notebooks growing up because I always felt like Harriet the Spy when I had one. With this case I’d be like a more grown up, technologically advanced Harriet. :)

  9. I love the look of it, the incorporation of the sleep/wake feature & how you said it holds the iPad securely. We definitely don’t want that slipping out! Great review

  10. Love the look of the composition book! Makes me wanna go out and write a composition for class…… Of course using my neatly covered iPad!!!!! ;)

  11. These cases look awesome, but fulfillment time and customer service are terrible! I’ve now been waiting over 22 days, even though the site originally said ‘most cases take 10 day’. I’ve emailed customer service for an ETA and get ridiculous auto-generated responses saying stuff like “these things take time.” so frustrating! And, certainly not from a company that charges around $100 for their work!!

  12. I just want to defend the pricing a little. Note I’m not associated with the case maker in any way, in fact this is the first I’ve heard of it. As someone whom has built and sold handmade cases I think this is a reasonable cost for a unique product. When your using quality materials (which seems to be the case here ;-) and keeping things built in USA there is a very low profit marginal be had. Sure there are cheaper alternatives out there but you have to decided as a consumer if quality and uniqueness is worth the cost.

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