Review: SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Smart Cover Companion Case for iPad 2

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The SwitchEasy CoverBuddy for iPad 2 is intended to act as a perfect companion for the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2.  It’s a back cover case that allows a space on the left hand side to let the smart cover do its thing – and comes in a small range of colors that complement the smart cover colors.

This is a solid and very durable back cover that is protected thusly, depending on which model you order:

… with highly durable color matched rubber coating (color version), or scratch-resistant UV coating (clear version) so your purchase will last longer.

I bought a black model that doesn’t quite match my navy blue smart cover, but is close enough for me to be content with it – though ideally at some point it would be good to see the range of colors extended to match those of the iPad 2 smart covers.



— The CoverBuddy is fairly sleek and doesn’t add much bulk to the iPad 2.

— It’s easy to get the iPad 2 inserted into the case.

— The cutouts on it are spot-on perfect. Each allows ample room to use the iPad 2’s buttons and ports easily while in the CoverBuddy.


— The space it leaves for the smart cover on the left hand side is also perfectly done. The smart cover slots onto the iPad just as magically and easily as ever while using the CoverBuddy.

— It feels very tough; like it would take quite a major catastrophe to have the back of the iPad 2 damaged while using it.


— Getting the iPad 2 out of the CoverBuddy is difficult. Difficult enough to be a major pain in the arse. I’ve found I need to pry it out of one corner of the case, then jam my thumb into the space between the case and the iPad while wedging and pulling it out of a second corner, before I’m able to get it out. This is not only a pain to deal with, but it also feels like there is potential for dinging the iPad 2 a bit while getting it out.

This is a problem I hate seeing with cases. If you love the case and never want to take your iPad 2 out of it, it may not be an issue for you. I generally like using a few different types of case with my iPads (e.g. for at home and when out and about) so I find it a major drawback when a case makes it really difficult to get the iPad out of it – and a big waste of time. 

— It has messed up my Ghost Armor back screen protector a little, leaving two noticeable bubble / marked areas on either side of the dock connector port.

— It tends to accumulate a lot of smudges and they are quite noticeable on it. This doesn’t bother me much at all, as it’s just a back cover,  but I mention it in case it is an issue for others.

— Though it doesn’t add much bulk or make the iPad 2 appear much less slim than usual, it has made the device feel quite a bit heavier to me after using it for a week. I notice this particularly in the evening when relaxing and reading on the iPad 2.


The CoverBuddy is definitely a quality case and a good, solid companion for the iPad 2 with a smart cover. It looks good, offers very good protection for the back of the iPad 2, and lets the smart cover continue to work just as well as it always has.

My very positive first impressions of it have been dampened slightly after a week’s use though. The hassle of removing the iPad 2 from the CoverBuddy and the weight of it on the iPad are reasons why it will not be a frequently used case for me.

For more information on the CoverBuddy or to place an order, visit the SwitchEasy page for it here:

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