Twelve South StayGo Box

Review: Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub

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Twelve South StayGo Box

USB-C Hubs often feel like a dime a dozen commodity accessory. There are plenty of cheap ones (in more ways than one) to be found at places like Amazon and eBay. I’ve used a few such accessories over the last few years, and you can usually tell how poor the quality is within a few hours. Whether it runs blazing hot or works inconsistently, they tend to be worth what you paid for them, and not in a good way.

When I first saw Twelve South’s StayGo USB-C Hub, it immediately stood out in stark contrast with the kinds of products I just described above.

Twelve South StayGo

First off, like any Twelve South product I’ve ever tried, you can tell it has a great industrial design and solid construction. Browsing the photo gallery on the company’s website was enough to tell me that, but unboxing the StayGo when it arrived definitely confirmed it.

So, let’s get the basics out of the way first. The StayGo is a straightforward portable USB-C hub from a port and functionality standpoint.

Twelve South StayGo Ports 1


Twelve South StayGo Ports 2

It’s got the ports and slots you would typically expect: USB-C pass-through for power, 3 USB-A ports, Ethernet, HDMI, and SD and MicroSD Card Slots. As an iPad Pro owner, the only request I have for a future version is a quality headphone jack.

Versatility is one of the strengths of a good USB-C Hub, and the StayGo definitely fits that bill. Not only does it work with any Mac or Windows computer with a USB-C port, but it’s also plug and play with iPad Pros and 4th Gen Airs.

Twelve South StayGo IPad Pro

Twelve South StayGo IPad Pro 2

I tested the StayGo with the setup above and had no issues. It included an external hard drive, thumb drive and SD Card, as well as power (via USB-A) and HDMI for a remote display. All of the same accessories also worked just as well with my Lenovo Yoga laptop. Files opened quickly, data transfers were snappy, the remote monitor was responsive and the StayGo didn’t get too hot. It all worked exactly as it should have.

As you can see in the photos above, the StayGo looks nondescript, but still quite good as part of a desk setup. It has a black aluminum exterior, which is durable and also helps with heat dissipation. It definitely feels a lot more solid than most hubs that I’ve used, but it also isn’t heavy. That’s useful when you want to throw this accessory in a bag and take it on the road with you.

The StayGo comes with a heavy duty USB-C to USB-C cable with a straight plug on one end and a 90 degree plug on the other.

Twelve South StayGo Cable

It provides all the power you need without the heat dissipation that cheap cables with wires that are a gauge too small and not insulated well enough allow. It’s also long enough to make hiding the StayGo easy if you’re looking to avoid cable clutter on your desk.

While the longer USB-C cable is perfect for desk duty, this hub has a great little trick up its sleeve. Literally. Tucked in a small sleeve on the back of the device is another USB-C to USB-C cable.

Twelve South StayGo Small cable

Just use the small nub on the end to slide the cable out of the sleeve and the StayGo is ready to use on the go. This allows you to leave the longer cable at home and means there’s one less thing to carry and keep up with in your gear bag.

This cable is obviously a lot shorter than the other, making it ideal for use on the go. It works a bit better with a laptop than a 12.9″ iPad Pro because of how high up that device’s USB-C port is.

Twelve South StayGo Small cable with laptop

That said, the smaller cable does work with an iPad in a pinch. It just leaves the hub dangling a bit.

Twelve South StayGo small cable with iPad Pro

If you plan to use the StayGo extensively with a 12.9″ Pro, it might be worth your while to keep the longer USB-C cable with you to prevent this if it bothers you.

However you use it, the fact that this cable is always with the StayGo is very convenient. Kudos to Twelve South for this really nice touch. While it’s a fully functional and nicely designed USB-C Hub, the addition of this small USB-C cable that is set up to go everywhere the device does makes for an extremely polished total package. It’s just one of several reasons I find the StayGo to be the best USB-C Hub I’ve used to date. As such, it has definitely found a permanent home in my laptop bag going forward.

After reviewing the StayGo and HoverBar Duo over the last few months, I have to tip my cap to Twelve South. This company makes some of the most well thought out and useful iPad and laptop accessories on the market today. I think anyone who is familiar with their products will agree.

If I had to boil the company’s work down to a single thought, it would be delightful design. Several of their accessories stand out in categories we don’t think too much about these days. Things like stands and hubs can seem quite mundane, but that’s not the case with Twelve South. It’s all about the overall quality and small details with them. Their products have useful features and thoughtful design touches that set them apart from a world full of me-too computing accessories. This is a big reason why Twelve South’s gear pairs so well with Apple devices. Game recognizes game, right?

All I can say about Twelve South’s StayGo is that, if you are looking for a reliable, well-made USB-C Hub that’s just as useful on the road as it is on your desk at home, then you would be hard pressed to find a better one. It’s also priced quite competitively among portable USB-C Hubs from other reputable manufacturers. That makes the StayGo an excellent value when you consider its unique mobile-friendly design.

The StayGo USB-C Hub is available from Twelve South for $99.99.

The StayGo USB-C Hub was provided for review on iPad Insight by Twelve South. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the About page.




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