Review: VersaCover for iPad mini

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VersaCover for iPad mini

Moshi’s VersaCover for iPad mini offers a stylish variation on the Smart Cover with protection for the back of the iPad thrown in.

It features a slim design and an origami folding cover that allows for various angles when using it as a stand. I’ve been a big fan of Smart Covers since the early days of using one with an iPad 2. The Smart Cover for the iPad mini is every bit as nice to have on the smaller iPad. The idea of a minimalist Smart Cover-like case with some back protection thrown in is appealing, so I decided to give the VersaCover mini a look. I’ve been using this one heavily for the last 3 weeks or so and it’s about time for a review of it.


The VersaCover is made of a soft microfiber material; there’s a casing that serves as a frame for the iPad to slot into which also protects the back of the iPad against scratches and shocks.

It comes in Aloe Green, Sakura Pink, Velvet Grey, and Denim Blue. I have the Denim Blue model.

The case is priced at $50.

VersaCover for iPad mini


— This is a beautifully light and thin case. The front cover is just about the same size as the standard Smart Cover for the iPad mini and no heavier. In fact, it feels like it might even be a little lighter if not for the back cover. Even as is with back cover it’s extremely light. Easily light enough for full-time use.

— All the cutouts are nicely done and access to all ports, buttons and the back camera is easy while in the case.

— It supports the iPad mini’s automatic sleep/wake feature when closing and opening the front cover.

— The cover is very handsome, more attractive than the Smart Cover I’d say.

— It folds easily and works well as a viewing mode stand at a few different angles. I have to admit though that there’s also a lower typing mode sort of position which I find very challenging to make work. That is due to me being a dork with origami folds though – not due to any fault with the VersaCover.

VersaCover for iPad mini

— The iPad mini feels safe and secure in the VersaCover frame – and it’s very easy to put it in and take it out of the case.

— The case works perfectly well, and still fits perfectly well, with my beloved Gelaskin on the back of the iPad mini.

— The front cover is held in place by magnets when folded over the back, another nice feature that’s a cut above the standard Smart Cover.


— The back cover itself is not hugely attractive, though this is hardly a big concern since it’s transparent. So you see through to the iPad mini’s handsome back or, in my case, to a Gelaskin.


The VersaCover for iPad mini is a superb case all-round and a perfect solution if you want a Smart Cover plus some back protection. It’s ultra-light, stylish looking, and a real pleasure to use as an everyday, all day sort of case for the iPad mini.

You can see more details and place an order at Moshi’s VersaCover mini product page.

Disclosure:  This case was independently purchased by the post author. For information about our review policies please see our About page.

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