Jason Snell’s iPad Air 2 Review: It’s All About that RAM

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iPad Air 2

I’m so tempted to add ‘no treble’ to this post title – but I won’t got there. :)

Jason Snell, the former lead editor of Macworld, has done a comprehensive and excellent review of the new iPad Air 2 – and it’s interesting to see his strong thoughts on the  iPad Air 2’s bump-up in RAM:

As I said at the start of this review, the most impressive thing about the iPad Air 2 is not its screen or its thinness or its camera, though those are all quite lovely. It’s the speed, and the extra RAM. Using the iPad Air 2 while flipping around from app to app feels like an entirely upgraded experience from performing the same tasks on my iPad mini 2. You learn to blot out the time you spend waiting for apps to open and Safari tabs to reload, but once you spend time on a device that doesn’t need to take those pauses, they become obvious. Painfully obvious.

Worth noting for all those occasions when somebody waxes lyrical about how iOS devices really don’t need more RAM.

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