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Apple Launches Repair Program for iPad Airs with Blank Screen Issues

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Apple has rolled out a new support program for owners of 3rd Gen iPad Airs who are experiencing a particular problem. Evidently there are some Airs that have screens that randomly go blank and stay that way. Permanently. Some may exhibit some flickering or a flash before going blank, but once they go, it sounds like they come back.

While I no longer have a current-gen iPad Air, my father actually took mine off my hands, so I will be paying close attention to this situation. Thankfully, he lives next door to me, so that should be a piece of cake. Hopefully the issue us restricted to a certain run or time period and he won’t have any problems, but you never know.

Repair programs certainly aren’t fun to be a part of, but they are also one of the benefits of being in Apple’s ecosystem. My former Air is closing in on the end of the one year warranty. but the Repair Program adds piece of mind. I know that if we run into this problem down the road, we will be taken care of and my Dad will still have an iPad, which is his primary computing device.

Has anyone out there experienced or seen this issue? I haven’t, but this program wouldn’t have been put in place without good reason. If you have, I would love to hear from you.

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