Magic Keyboard Closed

A New Leaker Says Apple’s New Magic Keyboard Will Move Beyond the iPad Pro

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Magic Keyboard Closed

WWDC is closing in and the rumors are flowing. A fresh one from a newer leaker with an impressive track record says the Magic Keyboard may be going semi-pro in the near future.

It’s cryptic, but the meaning of this Tweet is pretty clear once you put it in context. With the recent rumors that a new iPad Air refresh that resembles the 11″ iPad Pro is coming soon in mind, the prediction is pretty clear. L0vetodream is saying that the new Air will be compatible with the Magic Keyboard.

Just like the current Air is based on the same body as the 2017 10.5″ iPad Pro, the coming refresh will almost certainly be based on the current 11″ iPad Pro’s body. Considering that the current Air shares its counterpart’s Smart Connector and Smart Keyboard compatibility, it is more than reasonable to assume that the new Air will have the current design’s rear-mounted Smart Connector work with the Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard.

I’m loving the fact that multiple reliable predictions say that we are getting all the features I’ve been hoping for in a new, redesigned iPad Air. A bigger screen, newer design. USB-C, Apple Pencil 2, and now Magic Keyboard compatibility all seem to be in the cards. It looks like we are getting most of the best of the 11″ Pro. All the new new Air should lack is two extra speakers, Pro Motion and the current-gen A12X processor.

We still don’t have any explicit supply chain rumors, so I have a hard time believing we will get the new Air next week at WWDC. I also don’t think this is the kind of hardware that Apple would announce ahead or release, so I don’t think it will get a mention neext week, either. However, with the rumors flowing the way they are, it is possible that the Air will arrive ahead of the new iPhones in the Fall. At the point, the release window is pretty much the only thing we don’t know.

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