iPad Air: Features, Pricing, Launch Date

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iPad Air

The new iPad Air was unveiled by Apple just a few hours ago. The early strapline for the new iPad Air is:

Does even more. Weighs even less.

Here are some of the most notable features of the iPad Air that backup the strapline nicely:

A7 Chip: The iPad Air has Apple’s new A7 chip – which delivers 64-bit ‘desktop class’ architecture. This is said to double CPU performance, as compared to the previous generation. The new chip is said to make everything faster and more responsive – and also to present the opportunity for developers to create even more powerful iPad apps.

M7 Coprocessor: A new motion coprocessor:

iPad Air was designed to be on the move. That’s why the M7 coprocessor makes so much sense. It measures motion from your iPad Air by pulling data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. So your apps can give you a better experience based on the movement of your iPad Air. It’s a task that would normally fall to the A7 chip. But M7 is more efficient at it, which saves on power.

Faster WiFi & More LTE Bands: iPad Air offers 2X faster WiFi due to having two antennas and new MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) technology. Download speeds are said to reach up to 300Mbps. The + Cellular models also have more LTE bands, so they can be used on more cellular data networks around the world.

Great Battery Life: This has always been a killer feature of the iPad and it still offers 10 hours in this latest generation.

Lighter: The iPad Air is almost 1/3 lighter than the previous iPad – weighing in at 1 pound(vs 1.4 for previous gen).

Thinner and Smaller Bezel: It’s 20% thinner than its predecessor and has a bezel that’s a whopping 43% smaller – so lots more lovely screen area to work with.

Here’s a great slide from today’s event showing how dramatically iPad CPU performance has improved from the original to the iPad Air:

iPad CPU Performance

Pricing: Here are the pricing details for the new iPad Air – it starts at $499 for the 16GB WiFi only model and runs up to $929 for a 128GB WiFi + Cellular model.

iPad Air Pricing

The release date for the iPad Air is November1, in a large number of countries. So far Apple has not announced any pre-order availability – which I believe is how the recent iPhone launch was handled too. Here’s the slide showing all the nations where the iPad Air will launch on 1st November:

iPad Air Release Date

So I know which, hopefully not too cold, early morning I’ll be lining up for an iPad Air. How about you all? Will you be looking to buy an iPad Air?

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6 thoughts on “iPad Air: Features, Pricing, Launch Date”

  1. Yes, I’ll be getting one of the black bezel, 64 GB models. I’m not sure about LTE. If I do decide to get wireless then it will be with T-Mobile.

  2. Black and gray, 64 GB model with Verizon wireless (work picks up the monthly cost for the wireless plan, but I pay for the bell-and-whistle).

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