iPad Air, in the House

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iPad Air

I picked up a new iPad Air this morning, after a surprising non-line sort of affair at my local Apple store.

I’ve only just got home with it a couple hours ago and I always like to setup as a new iPad, rather than restoring from a backup, with a brand new iPad – so I’ve got a lot of setup and apps installing to do.

I’m also quite sleep deprived at this stage, so I won’t share any impressions on the iPad Air just yet – other than to say it certainly lives up to the lighter and slimmer billing.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Air, in the House”

  1. Please stop automatically converting to the mobile version, or at least give us the choice for the desktop version. One of the greatest features of the ipad is its ability to nenlarge text, which your mobile version makes impossible.

    1. You can easily swap to the desktop version. Tap on the 3 lines button in the bottom left corner of the screen and then tap on desktop version.

      That change will stick until any time you choose to erase Safari history / cookies. Then you’ll need to do the same again to switch it to desktop again.

      Hope that helps.

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