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The New iPad Air Concept Making the Rounds Certainly Grabs the Eye

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iPad Air

Photo Source: svetapple.sk

So I don’t usually pay attention to concept renderings and videos. They often don’t have enough basis in reality to interest me and often end up being just wishful thinking. Maybe I’m cynical, but they often seem like a waste of time. However, the new iPad Air rendering I got a look at over the weekend felt different and got my attention because of it.

This rendering from svetapple.sk is interesting because it isn’t just the typical make believe fantasyland act. If you read the associated article, it is very closely based on the current rumors of a new iPad Air coming later this year. The new 11″ screen size, thinner bezels with no Home Button, in-screen TouchID, and more iPad Pro-like design are all there.

The artist also adds in some very reasonable conjecture to round the device out. Most of this is based on the fact that the new Air design is rumored to be based closer to the iPad Pro. One such feature is the inclusion of Apple Pencil 2 compatibility and the accompanying magnetic charging port on the Air. The artist also included a USB-C port, which may be a bridge too far. But we can hope, right?

If the shape and size is this close to the iPad Pro, I have to wonder if the new Air will work with the Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard. It isn’t just the shape that matters, though. It will also have to include the required magnets. We shall see.

There’s only one problem I can think of with this design. If Apple releases this device, iPad Pros sales will likely decline. A less expensive device with premium features and a design this good will definitely sell. Will Apple mind canabalizing some iPad Pro sales to push a less profitable device forward? I hope so, because this is exactly the iPad Air I want to see this Fall.

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