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Watch Out for iPad Air Preorders Starting Tomorrow

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One of the top leakers in the biz had something to say about one of Apple’s newest tablets earlier this evening.

According to Jon Prosser, preorder time for the new iPad Air could be as early as tomorrow. He kind of went the more cryptic, L0vetodream route with this one, but the intent seems pretty clear.

If it isn’t sometime tomorrow morning, expect Air preorders by early next week. And that makes perfect sense when you think about it. Apple said the 4th Gen Air would arrive in October, so that could be as early as next week with preorder time and shipping figured in.

By now, Apple and tech fans have also seen the rumors of an iPhone event coming the week of October 12. It stands to reason that Apple will want the Air released, reviewed and in buyers’ hands before the bigger iPhone 12 reveal. The whole point of these separate events is to make them focused. Part of that is getting everything from the previous event out the door and settled so the sole focus is on the one at hand.

Based on this, I’m inclined to agree with Jon Prosser today. He’s slipped a bit from his high point of prognostication before WWDC earlier this year. In fact, he missed pretty badly on the Apple event announcement just a few weeks ago. However, he got most of that event right the following week and it looks like he might have called the iPhone event dates a couple of months ago. The man obviously still has his sources.

Even though Prosser is flying solo on this rumor far, I’ll be watching for new Airs to drop tomorrow morning. Whenever it happens, I just hope Apple doesn’t botch this order the way they did my Watch. At least Best Buy came though for me there. I should finally have my new Series 6 on Friday.

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