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Will iPad Air Preorders Begin Tomorrow?

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iPad Air 4

We know for certain that preorders for Apple’s new 6.1″ iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will begin at 5 AM Pacific tomorrow in the United States and 29 other countries. Normally I would be sitting this one out and going about my day when 7 AM Central rolls around, but the rumor mill just keeps me hanging on.

I’m holding out for the iPhone 12 Pro Max myself, so I won’t be preordering until November 6th and we still have one month to pay on my wife’s iPhone Upgrade Plan before she can upgrade. That, and she hasn’t decided between the iPhone 12, which will be out and available when she is ready to go, and the 12 Mini, which preorders on November 6th along with my Pro Max.

However, even though I won’t be doing any iPhone ordering tomorrow morning, I will be ready and waiting to order a new iPad Air when 7 AM rolls around. While we have known the date and time for iPhone preorders since Tuesday’s Apple event, the company has never specified when the Air will be available. And that’s when the rumor mill tends to step up and try to fill in the blanks.

We have a pretty good idea that the new iPad Air officially releases on Friday, October 23 because a few retailers have leaked that in their online ads. Based on Apple’s typical preorder and release style, that would make tomorrow the day for Air preorders. We also have Jon Prosser saying that he’s convinced that the Air will be available to order from Apple starting tomorrow:

So he seems pretty confident, but what’s new there? He was also confident that Apple was dropping press releases for the Apple Watch a week ahead of time, so you never know. But what he is saying does seem to line up this time.

What no one seems to know is the time that Air preorders will go live tomorrow. While right at 5 AM Pacific would seem to make sense, will Apple want the extra traffic for a device that, while important, isn’t on the same level as the iPhone, while the first wave of iPhone preorders come in? I will be ready and waiting with the Apple Store app open when I get to work, but I won’t be at all surprised if I still see the familiar View Pricing tag at the top right of the iPad Air page when I pull it up.

iPad Air View Pricing

If preorders for the Air don’t go live at 5 AM Pacific, then who knows when it will happen. They could start at any time tomorrow morning up until around 12 PM Pacific. If they haven’t gone live by then, then it probably isn’t going to be tomorrow.

Jon Prosser has had some slip ups this summer, but he has also done a very good job calling the event dates and device release dates this fall. Considering all of the craziness of 2020, that is impressive and proves the man has good sources inside of Apple. I’m inclined to believe he is correct that new iPad preorders will start sometime tomorrow. It’s just the time that is still up in the Air.

If you are wanting to get a new Air on launch day, then you should be ready to go at 5 AM Pacific wherever you are and whatever time that is for you. If preorders aren’t available yet, then get ready to spend the next few hours checking Apple.com, the Apple Store app, or your favorite Apple sites on Twitter.

I’m planning on getting the 64 GB WiFi Air in Sky Blue. I prefer Gold, but I like to try out new colors when they are available. Are you planning on getting a new iPad Air? If so, will you be preordering tomorrow? What model and color are you thinking about getting? Let me know in the Comments below or on Twitter @iPadInsightBlog.

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