5 Under $5 – iPad Games, March 1

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Hi everybody! Beth Elderkin here. I’m so glad you’re checking out “5 Under $5” … hope you’re excited about the reviews as I am! Since I’m alternating with in-depth reviews every other week, on those weeks I’ll be doing print reviews for that 5 Under $5. This week it’s Tengami, be sure to check out that review if you haven’t already!
For more information, check out the vlog I’ve posted above. But here’s your 5 Under $5 this week.

Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring

1. Viking Saga: The Cursed Ring for $4.99

Plot – A viking song needs to return a cursed ring to Loki to help out his father, but he gets shipwrecked first. Have to collect resources in order to build and expand – similar to Age of Empires or other building simulators.
Pros – Decent graphics, fun premise.
Cons – Constant ads, not a unique story or execution. Plus, the whole Banner Saga controversy makes me feel like this game is tacking on to someone else’s work without bringing anything new to the table.
Opinion – I’d pass on this game.

Out There

2. Out There for $3.99

Plot – An astronaut in the deep reaches of space needs to find resources and make contact with alien races in order to survive. Showcases the harshness and isolation of deep space life.
Pros – Unique story, great comic-style execution. Looks to be fun for fans of space exploration games like Mass Effect (i.e. me!).
Cons – Really challenging — once you die, that’s it. Some reviewers say it’s hard to skip cutscenes, which gets tedious after you die a lot.
Opinion – I’d check this out if you’re a fan of a good challenge. If not, it may get a little frustrating. Not for the casual gamer.

Beyond Space

3. Beyond Space for $2.99

Plot – Yay, more space! This one’s a space shooter starring Max Walker, a Han Solo-style hero who’s charged with saving the galaxy.
Pros – Good graphics, fun storyline that’s got some fun voiceovers and action-paced moments.
Cons – Shorter missions at times.
Opinion – I say it’s a fun one to check out, especially for kids who like space shooters.

Snip and Chu

4. Snip and Chu for $0.99

Plot – A piece of gum needs to save his toenail best friend from the dreaded recycling machine. Yes, that’s a real premise, based on a comic book.
Pros – The retro style reminds me of old portable video games from the early 90s.
Cons – See above. It’s a fun visual nod to games of the past, but in the end it’s not very practical for modern gameplay. Plus, I will say the premise is less than seemly.
Opinion – I’m leaning toward a pass, but for 99 cents it’s not the worst game in the world.

God of Light

5. God of Light, on sale for $0.99

Plot – Physics-based puzzle game where you’re helping Shiny bring light to his universe.
Pros – Cute design, nice calming music and has some unique puzzles.
Cons – Starting levels are a little repetitive.
Opinion – Definitely work checking out, especially while it’s on sale.

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