A Journey to Antarctica, iPad App Style

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Antarctica Standing on the Bottom of the World iPad app

Antarctica – Standing on the Bottom of the World is a riveting adventure travel (true) story told and presented with great impact in a new iPad app.

I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly fascinated with Antarctica (I even have difficulty spelling it correctly) but the promo approach I got for this app was good and highlighted a number of unique and compelling features of this particular story. The App Store intro gives you a feel for some of these:

Visting six continents is a feat, but setting foot on all seven requires a visit to Antarctica.
Join award winning author (and member of the Texas Literary Hall of Fame) Robert Flynn as he journeys, along with grandson Colin, to the last continent on earth, the last to be discovered and the last to be inhabited.. And, yes, there are penguins. And ice…lots of ice.
Featuring maps, photos, links for more in-depth research, ANTARCTICA: STANDING ON THE BOTTON OF THE WORLD includes an original poem from Mo Saidi, sketches from Colin Bass and prose from Flynn, writing with the unique voice and perspective displayed in his novels through several decades. Essays on the Drake Passage, Hope Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica Tourism, Ushaia and more, with photos, maps, slides shows and links.

That’s a pretty great combination of selling points for this app – an awarding winning author, the grandfather and grandson team, and just the journey itself.

Antarctica Standing on the Bottom of the World iPad app

So I decided to give the app a try, and I was impressed and hooked right from the opening couple of paragraphs:

If angels had blubber instead of flutter; if they sang Holy Cow instead of Hosanna, Antarctica would be paradise.
Beautiful beyond description because there is nothing else like it, endlessly fascinating–an everlasting exhibit of iceberg sculptures as discrete as snowflakes, penguins porpoising like synchronized swimmers, the blowing of whales, the tympani of ice cracking and glaciers calving. It is seen only by the blessed and those who know it best fear the loss of it most.

Flynn’s writing style is sharp and tough and gives you a vivid feel for an amazing part of the world that so few people have ever seen.  It feels a little like a Hemingway book to me in places, and that’s some awfully good company. Chapter 3 on the insanely rough boat journey through the Drake Passage is an incredible read on its own.

The photos are excellent as well – from the intimidating coastline to penguins and more.

Antarctica Standing on the Bottom of the World iPad app

Antarctica Standing on the Bottom of the World iPad app

I haven’t finished the entire story yet; I’m planning to read through all of it with my daughter starting tonight though. Neither one of us are very adventurous souls, but this story is good enough to inspire just about anyone to want to be more that way inclined.

If you buy just one amazing Antarctica journey book / app for the iPad, I highly recommend that you choose this one.

Here’s an App Store link for Antarctica – Standing on the Bottom of the World; it’s priced at $2.99.

Disclosure: This app was independently purchase by the post author. For information on our review policies please see our About page.

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