Activity Monitor Touch – a Bit Like Having Activity Monitor on Your iPad

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Activity Monitor Touch for iPad

Activity Monitor is an essential utility on a Mac that gives you a wealth of real-time information on CPU activity, memory usage, disk activity and more on your Mac PC. Activity Monitor Touch brings the look and feel, and some of the functionality, of Activity Monitor to the iPad (and iPhone).

Activity Monitor Touch has four sections, all easy to get to in a single tap on its bottom nav bar: Info, Usage, Battery, and Process. Here’s what each shows you:

Info: Basic system info for your iPad – the device name, UDID (Unique Identifier), OS version, capacity and more. It also shows a snapshot of current system status with details like Uptime, free (program) memory, free space, remaining battery percentage, and WiFi connection status / details.

Activity Monitor Touch for iPad

Usage: This section gives you details on the current status of program memory (how much is free, totals for wired, active, inactive, and free), a look at CPU usage (which is not hugely useful because of the way iOS handles multitasking), and a view of disk usage showing used and free space on the device. It does not show a breakdown of how much space is used by photos, music, apps etc – which of course would be handy to see (as we do in iTunes when connected to a PC).

Battery: Shows estimates of battery percentage remaining and hours left in a few use cases (standby, Games, WiFi, 3G).


Process: A listing of currently running processes on the iPad. You can use a pull-down action to toggle whether system processes are hidden or shown. This section updates nicely as you quit apps from the Multitasking Bar, or open new apps. The big difference from the desktop app here is of course that you cannot quit processes in Activity Monitor Touch – due to iOS restrictions.


There are a number of apps around that show some or all of the information that Activity Monitor Touch does. This app gets major points for its clean and handsome interface though. I can’t think of another app of its type that shows things as nicely.

It’s also quite a useful app, as it gives you quick overviews of system information, and if you spend a little time with the Process and Usage sections you should start to get a good grasp on which apps and games take the biggest bite out of program memory.

This is not an app that I can see myself using terribly frequently, but it’s certainly one I’ll keep around in my Utilities folder.

Here’s an App Store link for Activity Monitor Touch; it’s currently priced at $0.99, which is listed as a half price offer.

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