Approach to Montessori – Numbers HD for iPad

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Place an iPad in the hands of a small child and you’ll see how easily he or she quickly grasps the navigation of the device and understands how apps are to be used.

It seems like an ideal and fun way to learn – and many app developers are offering learning games that teach kids, banking on that very idea.

Now there’s an app that applies the Montessori approach to learning with the iPad, Approach to Montessori – Numbers HD.

Touted for tots from 2 upwards, this app is actually 6 learning games in one:

1. Dancing Numbers

2. Tracing

3. Number Rods

4. Bead Stairs

5. Number Blocks

6. Cards & Counter

These aim to provide a good foundation of basic math concepts and to help develop motor skills, coordination, number recognition and sequencing. There are customizable settings enabling teachers and parents to adapt to the level of the child. The app was created in close consultation with a team of certified Montessori educators.

Approach to Montessori – Numbers HD for iPad is available on the App Store for $2.99/€2.39.

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