Bazinga – TBS’ Big Bang Theory iPad App Is a Lot of Fun

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TBS Presents: The Big Bang Theory app brings a slice of the popular and hilarious sitcom to the iPad. This is a bit of its App Store intro:

There’s a new way to watch Penny, Sheldon and Leonard. Now, you can play along on your mobile device while watching The Big Bang Theory on TBS.

Here’s how it works:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm, open the app while watching The Big Bang Theory on TBS to get exclusive content and conversation presented in sync with the show.
Behind-the-scenes insights, polls, trivia and more will be at your fingertips, and all of it can be shared with your friends. Log in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts to join the live conversation with other fans during the episode.

If you’re using this app outside of the 10pm broadcasts of The Big Bang Theory on TBS, don’t worry, you can revisit previous episodes or set a reminder for the next live event.

NOTE: This app does not allow you to view full episodes on your mobile device. You’ll have to download the TBS for iPad or TBS for iPhone apps for that.

My wife and I are both huge fans of The Big Bang Theory and I’ve only just recently noticed that there are a number of iPad and iOS apps relating to the series. This one looked the most promising to me and I gave it a try last night.

Comments stream

I honestly had pretty low expectations for the app. I thought it would have some minimal novelty appeal and I’d likely spend 10-15 minutes with it at most. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the app is actually a heck of a lot of fun – and I ended up using it continuously throughout back-to-back episodes of The Big Bang Theory. So I spent an hour with it, and it was an enjoyable hour and really did add to the experience and the fun of watching the show.

Here are some of the things that make the app so much fun:

— The sync with the live shows is spot-on, and the comment stream from Facebook and Twitter users is lively throughout and easy to dive into.

— The UI of the app is simple and effective – everything is on one page and obvious and intuitive to get around.

— There are quiz questions that up your IQ status if you get enough right and poll questions on funny topics …

Quiz Questions

Poll Questions

— There are funny quotes from the live show highlighted and trivia facts relating to things mentioned in the show as well. For instance, this bit of info on the benefits of green vs. cherry flavored popsicles and a great highlighted quote from Sheldon’s attempt at trash talking:

Quote Highlighted

— A few classic moments are thrown into the main stream as bite-size clips / animated GIFs that can be easily shared – like Howard’s ‘touch’ moment to show how hot things are between he and Penny:

Highlighted GIF

— The app reacts well when you switch away from it to check email or whatever else. When you return to it it takes just a moment to reset and put you right back in perfect sync with the live show.

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory it’s hard not to like this free companion app for it. It’s definitely a keeper for me.

Here’s an App Store link for TBS Presents: The Big Bang Theory; it’s a free app.

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