CloudMagic for iPad: Blazing Fast Search for All Your Cloud Data

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Search on the iPad is one of those subjects I don’t think about much, except of course when I really need to find an email or document – and then my thoughts generally just extend to being disappointed with incomplete results or the need to search in multiple places, because just about all my essential data is held in various separate cloud services.

The CloudMagic app offers a fantastic solution for finding data very easily on the iPad – across a great range of cloud services. It supports iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar, Google Drive, Google Apps, Box, SkyDrive, Exchange, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Office 365 and quite a few more popular services.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s ridiculously fast too? It is – it starts showing results as you type and it returns full, categorized results just about instantly when you finish entering a search term.

Here are a few more of the features highlighted on its App Store page:

Multiple accounts
– Add any number of accounts and search through all of them in one go. Got more than one email account? Add both and search through them together.
One view of all your data
– Get a quick snapshot of all recent updates across all your data.
Rich previews and actions
– Allows you to quickly preview content and take common actions like open attachments, reply, forward, retweet, etc.
Partial word search
– You can find what you are looking for in just a few keystrokes.
Multiple devices
– Works across desktops, smartphones and tablets.


CloudMagic is easy to get started with and get right into using. You start by creating a free account – all you need to provide is an email address and password to get that done. Then you choose whether to use a free account, which allows up to 50 previews (of data, docs) per month of upgrade to unlimited previews for $4.99. And of course you can start with the free level and upgrade at any point later on once you’ve tried the app out.

When you enter search terms your search results are shown in the left sidebar, grouped by type / source with little icons to help see the sources quickly. When you tap on an individual item it is previewed in the main right hand side area of the page.


From the Preview area you can open an item, in an inline web browser or in the app where possible – for instance in Evernote or Dropbox. You can filter search results with a single tap – by app or service. You can also filter, by Messages, People, Files & Docs, Events and more.

CloudMagic iPad app

I’d like to see it allow for filters or exclusions in what it searches within apps and services – for example, I’d like it not to search backup archives within Dropbox.

Recent searches are shown just below the search bar – these can be cleared with one tap. You can use a passcode with the app, it’s turned off by default but can be turned on in app’s settings.

The app works very nicely in both portrait and landscape modes.

I’ve been using CloudMagic for a few days now. So far I’ve added my Google accounts for Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Drive as well as iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, and Box – and I couldn’t be more impressed with the app.

Having a single app to search across this broad range of most-used cloud services is a fantastic idea – and it’s very well executed in CloudMagic. It’s an instant favorite for me and I’m sure it’s going to become one of my most used and most effective iPad apps. 

Here’s an App Store link for CloudMagic; it’s a free app with a paid account upgrade as mentioned above, and it’s a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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