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Zombie Gunship is yet another foray into the zombie killing business, although unlike most titles you are not a hopeless survivor waiting to be taken over by the zombie infestation. You are the gunner on an AC-130, a heavily armed military gun ship.

The game begins simply enough, hit the ‘Start’ button and “Hunt zombies now” and you do just that. The view from the gunship is a bunker imbedded in a mountain, a call over the radio gives you permission to engage the zombies.

Your role is to provide cover fire for civilians desperately trying to run to the safety of the bunker. The civilians, who are human and alive, emit body heat and stand out compared to the zombies who are also trying to get into the bunker, not for safety, but for all of the brains on the menu if they can get in.

The controls of the game are very simple, swipe the screen to look around, toggle the view from the selected gun on the top right, and a large red fire button in the bottom left corner. The first zombie is always easy to find, and is usually traveling solo. Once that first zombie is taken care of, further exploration of the mountain range shows that you are covering a very large area in front of this bunker and the clusters of zombies aren’t getting any smaller and the civilians are always in danger, and way too close to zombies.

For each zombie you kill and human you save you are rewarded coins, the in-game currency, which is used to unlock the guns on the gunship and upgrades to the guns as well as upgrading the gameplay itself.

You begin the game with access to only one of the three guns on the gunship, the 25MM gatling gun. The gatling gun does not require you to reload, but continuous firing will overheat this gun, cleverly displayed as your target getting larger to signal heat. Not until you can save enough coins (or in app-purchase the coins) can you unlock the two larger guns, one at a time that is. The cheaper of the two is the 40MM bofors gun, this gun only holds 3 rounds at a time, but the blast radius is much larger, and will take out a medium sized group of zombies. The largest gun available to you is the 105MM howitzer, this gun only holds 1 round, but it is massive, and will take out large groups of zombies, just be careful not to hit those civilians with this large blast radius.

There isn’t much to say about the story of the game, as there isn’t one. You are just out there killing zombies, let one in and the bunker closes down and the mission is over. Killing a few civilians by accident is bound to happen, if you kill 3 civilians you’re pulled from the rescue mission, an available upgrade will up that number to 6 if you feel the need to kill a civilian every now and again.

Once the mission has ended either by a zombie breach or too much friendly fire you are pulled out and given a detailed breakdown of how that mission went and how much currency you’ve collected. One of my favorite features of the breakdown is the addition of game center integration that will display the highest score you’ve gotten and that of your friends if they have a higher score than you. The breakdown also gives you fast access to jump right back into the game, upgrade your weapons or the gameplay, by showing a badge of how many upgrades are affordable to you it’s easy to see if you should use jump back in to earn some more coins.

Overall this is a fun game, with great pick up and play capabilities, as it lacks a story and only plays on the one bunker it may become repetitive to some, but the upgrades available, and the competition amongst game center friends will keep bringing you back for more.

At $0.99 and an average rating of 4.5 stars with 2,822 ratings, it’s well worth checking out Zombie Gunship

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