iSay-uSay: Fun Catch Phrase Style Game for the iPad

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iSay-uSay iPad game

iSay-uSay is a new iPad game that’s described by its developers as a ‘frenzied game of fast talking, quick thinking and fast guessing’. It’s a Catch Phrase style game where one player has to describe a word or phrase so that other players are able to guess it as quickly as possible.

Up to 10 players can take part so it has good potential as a party game as well as a cool family game for the iPad.

My family and I like this kind of game, so we’ve been giving it a go over recent days, and having a good time with it. 

Here’s a little more detail on the game’s basics, via its App Store page:

The game is based off the popular Catch Phrase game on steroids, by adding up to 10 players in a game, life time stats, unlimited words and categories, a permanent Player Library, incredible graphics, contextual help, category create/edit/delete… thats right, YOU get total control over the entire library!!, a simple to use category import/export utility making it super simple to exchange categories with other users, and so much more!

The Game
The "Clue Master" is chosen by iSay-uSay and given a Word or Phrase from your pre-selected Categories. It’s the "Clue Master’s" job to serve up the right words, phrases and gestures to get "Panel of Guessers" to Say the Word!

The faster the word or phrase is guessed, the more points the "Clue Master" and "Guesser" rack up.  If time runs out the "Clue Master" will lose valuable points. Once the word or phrase is guessed or time runs out, a new "Clue Master" is selected and the game continues. He or She with the most points wins!

And its notable features:

– Player Library – permanently store up to 15 players with an icon, custom name and historical stats
– Super slick easy to use interface
– Easy game setup…drag a player to the current game players, set your options, and start the game
– Create, edit and delete categories and guess words or you can use the presets
– Import and export allows you to share categories with other users
– So simple to create categories…all you need is a text editor…type a word or phrase per line, copy the text and paste it into the import screen and it is immediately ready to play….it’s that simple and we are always here to help
– No limit to the number of guess words or categories in your library
– You can include up to 8 Categories to play in a single game
– Powerful randomization engine virtually ensures words wont be repeated until all words have been played
– A winner is chosen when either the selected number of rounds are up, or selected number of points are achieved
– You can select the amount of time per round
– You can select the number of seconds you can preview a word before the clock starts ticking
– You can select the number of passes per round
– The quicker the word is guessed the more points that are awarded

The ability to add your own categories and words / phrases really takes this game to another level – it’s a great feature. My daughter is fascinated with animals – pets, wild animals, dinosaurs, sea creatures – any sort of animal. So one of the first things I’ve done with the game is add an Animals category and a good starting set of words for it, which I can easily grow over time.

The game is very easy to dive right into and good fun as well. It’s a simple concept, executed very nicely for the iPad.

My one wish list item is that I would like to be able to set the number of guessing rounds before the clue master is changed. Right now, it changes after every round. I’d like to be able to set it to more rounds, so you don’t have to pass the iPad around quite so often. I’m no games designer though and I never played the original Catch Phrase – so maybe the game flow is better as is.

Overall, I like the game a lot. It’s a fun game to play with my wife and daughter – and I’m sure it will be enjoyable in larger groups as well. 

Here’s an App Store link for iSay-uSay; it’s priced at $0.99.

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