Lucha Amigos for iPad: slingshot meets bumper pool in Mexico

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Lucha Amigos is an entertaining mashup of Angry Birds-style launching and bumper-pool geometry in which you try to launch turtles to explode cacti inside rooms with bouncy walls. Yes, it makes no sense at all, and it’s still a fun casual game, with no annoying in-app purchase delays, that will have you coming back for more.

In Lucha Amigos (“Fighting Friends” in Spanish) you’re presented with a top-down view of one room after another with various walls and furniture. Each room represents a game level, and is filled with several randomly-spaced cacti and flowers. You get an arsenal of three–four turtles which you fire into the room using a slingshot-style launcher. Your job is to run into and therefore explode as many cacti as possible. Running over the flowers also gets you smiles from the señoritas in your cheering section. As you hit and explode cacti, your turtle bounces off, and continues to carom around the room until it loses steam. Red turtles have a little gun you can fire to shoot more cacti and flowers. If you knock out all the cacti with your turtles, you win the level and the next is unlocked. If you use up your turtles without decimating the cacti, you get laughed at and try the same room again. The levels seem never-ending so you won’t run out of challenges. It’s nonsensical enough that it’s easier to play than explain, so just try it!



The graphics are good arcade quality, and the game play is smooth without any stutters. The geometry is accurate and your aim can be adjusted in small increments. The sound adds slightly to the game play, with “boing” sounds as your turtle bounces around. The music is a tinny version of La Cucaracha and you can turn it off if it bugs you. The game play is self-explanatory so you can pick it up and start playing with no learning curve.


I recommend Lucha Amigos as a fun time-waster. The play is somewhat repetitive, but so what, you won’t be playing for long periods: this game is for filling the time while waiting for your flight to board or for your ride home. The game is $1.99 in the app store.

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