Apple introduces iOS 9

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iOS 9-feature-list

Today at the World Wide Developer conference Apple gave us our first look at iOS 9.  As anticipated, iOS 9 focused primarily on stability and improvements to the  user-interface.  Now, even though we didn’t get a bloated laundry list of new features and apps, we did get some interesting and welcomed changes.

Apple focused on updating and improving the following apps

  • Siri
  • Spotlight Search
  • Apple Pay
  • Notes
  • Maps
  • Keyboard
  • News ( a brand new news aggregator app)

Last but not least, we got our first look at Apple Music–the culmination of Apple’s Beats music acquisition last year.  This new streaming music service will be offered for free the first three months, but then will cost $9.99/month with Family plans that support up to 6 members and their own personal music collections for $14.99/month.

In addition, they also made reportedly made improvements to battery life, the size of future iOS updates, performance, security and privacy.  Stay tuned, as we look more closely at these apps in the days and weeks to come.





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