Official iPad App for Rugby World Cup 2011 Released

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Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in New Zealand next month and I can’t wait to be watching it. This week the Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App was released for iPad and iOS – so I can get a head-start on catching up with which teams are fancied to be contenders and how the pools (groupings of teams) break down.

Once the tournament gets started the app will offer live match coverage with live commentary and video highlights.

I’ve been having a look around the app and it’s a pretty good one – and a great starting point for getting psyched up to watch the RWC 2011.

Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App

The app’s main sections, available with a tap on the bottom nav bar, are: News, Videos, Teams, Match Centre, Pools, Knock Outs, and Fan Zone.

The News section should be far more lively as we get closer to the tournament opening on September 9 – for now it has a selection of articles from around the rugby world. You’re supposed to be able to filter them by country, but that’s not working too well as far as I can see. There are also some ‘looking back’ type stories of past world cups – including an excellent one on the first world cup in 1987 that featured stars like David Campese and Serge Blanco, and of course a wonderful All Blacks team.


The Videos section is quite sparse for now, with under 10 videos from past world cups. I expect it will fill up quickly with highlight videos once play begins. One disappointing thing about this section, that hopefully will be addressed before the tournament starts, is that the videos only support AirPlay audio, not video. If the app is only going to share highlights, not full live matches, these videos should at least be viewable on Apple TV.

In the Teams section, there’s an entry for each team competing that lists their current world ranking, shows their team kit, and offers stats, their match schedule in pool play, and player bios – all text, no pics sadly.


Match Centre is where you’ll go to hear match commentary and see stats and progress of matches as they happen.

Pools shows the standings and match schedule for each of the four pools. Knock Outs shows the matchups for the knockout rounds.


Fan Zone has sub-sections for submitting questions to experts, a look at what else is going on in New Zealand, Mastercard sponsored Man of the Match, an area for buying match tickets, and details on all the stadiums that will be hosting the world cup this year.


I’ve seen one or two other apps about RWC 2011, but I think if you’re a rugby fan this official app is a must-have – especially as it’s a free app.

Here’s an App Store link for Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App.

Any rugby fans here? If so, who are you rooting for in the World Cup?

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  1. The official press release said that player pics will be added after the teams arrive in New Zealand and the pictures are available.

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