PazteUp – Document Layout and Design tool for iPad

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PazteUp is an iPad app that serves as a page layout design tool for creating flyers, posters, invitations, etc.  You can use the sample templates that come with the app or design your own layout.  The app ultimately creates PDF files that can be saved to a variety of locations.

When you open the app for the first time, you are prompted to create a new project.  You can choose from 10 templates or create your own layout.   After you have used the app, the opening screen shows your projects and also allows you to add a new one.  I tried editing one of the templates but found it easier to create my own layout.  When you choose a blank layout, you are prompted to provide a name for the layout.  You are then taken to the settings screen shown above.  On this screen you can modify the size of your main page, select the number of pages, choose a background color and turn page numbers on and off.  I found the screen a little intimidating, but it was easy to select a background color for your layout.  There were 2 slider bars, one for the basic color and the second for the shade of that color.  Save your settings and you go back to the main screen. There is a toolbar on the bottom.


The first button will save your project and go back to the home screen  The second button is the settings screen just described.

The third button allows you to add images and text from the web.  Touch this button and you will be taken to a browser that initially points to the PazteUp Developer’s site.  Type in a web address to go to any website.  The top of the screen has 2 select buttons, one that is a rectangle and one that is a free form selector.  Tap one of these buttons and select text or an image from the web.  Touch the selection and it will be added to your layout.

The fourth button is the add button.  Touch the button and then touch an area of your layout.  You will get a small box on your layout.  Drag the corners of the box to enlarge it and now you can decide what you want in the new box.


You can select text for a textbox.  You can insert a table.  You can insert an image –this will open up your iPad photos.  You can also select a shape.


You can add a circle, rectangle or triangle.  Once it is added, you can change the background color and the border color.  You can alter the shape by choosing the second button on the bottom menu above.

There is a clipboard area which is available from the main menu.  You can create background styles and save them there.  You can then drag them to your layout.  In addition, you can create type styles for text.  When you are editing a text box, you can select a saved type style for the text.

When you have completed your layout, there are several options including  saving it to Dropbox or Google Drive or emailing it.

Pros:  This is a comprehensive layout design app with a lot of features.  I especially like being able to select text and/or images from a website.  I also like being able to create presets for type style.  There is a help section for the app.

Cons:  The app is missing an “undo” feature; however it has been promised for a future update.  The app could be a little more intuitive.  I had to read through the help to learn how to use some of the functions.

Here is an App Store link for PazteUp.  It is available for $0.99.

Disclosure:  A promo code for this app was provided by the publisher.

Sheila Bigel

I am a retired Computer Programmer and Elementary School Teacher. I currently combine both of these experiences by volunteering to teach computers to Seniors at a local Senior Center. I specialize in iPad Courses, as I love the device.

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