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Surrounded by a groovy, neon-covered world pulsing with a rhythmic beat, there’s just one question on my mind: can I survive 100 seconds? This is one of the challenges that Pivvot presents. In this game, the controls are pretty simple: you are a circle moving along a twisting roller coaster track with the ability to rotate (or, if you will, pivot) around a smaller circle. The one rule: don’t touch anything.


Pivvot is an everything-is-dangerous survival game with five increasingly difficult gameplay modes. The first mode is voyager, which serves as a sort of tutorial/adventure mode for teaching you about the different obstacles you will encounter in the second mode, endless. In endless, your goal is pretty straightforward: survive for 100 seconds, and you win. It’s a lot harder than you’d think. From there, you can unlock expert versions of both voyager and endless, and the unspeakably difficult berserk mode.


The controls feel great, with a simple tap on the left or the right to rotate and dodge different obstacles. As the game increases in speed and difficulty, however, I found it hard to keep track of which direction was which, occasionally crashing into an obstacle because I rotated in the wrong direction. Make no mistake, this game can be hard. While getting through voyager is easy, the difficulty level ramps up dramatically as you progress through the different modes. Rather than just frustrating, however, I found that it was more satisfying when I finally did make it past a level or a tricky obstacle.


What impressed me about this title is the overall polished look and feel it has. By no means is this game pushing the graphical limits of the iPad, but the simple and clean design of the game is fantastic and great to look at. Rounding out the experience is a pulsing, electronic soundtrack that keeps in time with the gameplay. There is just something intrinsically gratifying about having the volume crank itself up just as you beat a level in voyager, or get frantically faster as you get further along in endless.


Pivvot is maddening. It’s also great, and you’ll love every hair-pulling, frustrating second, as you tap the retry button one more time. The tight controls, beautiful design, and great soundtrack keep you immersed in this well-polished casual title. This is a deviously challenging game that easily turns into an obsession, an obsession that I can heartily recommend to any iPad owner.

Here’s an App Store link for Pivvot; it’s priced at $2.99.

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