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Pixels.com is an app for viewing and purchasing artwork that uses the iPad’s camera to allow you to see how the artwork will look on your own wall.  The app is based on the pixels.com website for artists, photographers and art collectors.  Artists and photographers upload their images and pixels.com sells them to art enthusiasts in various formats.  The iPad is a good venue for displaying artwork.  This app takes it a step further by allowing consumers to visualize the artwork in their own homes.

The app contains a large amount of artwork and photography by living artists. When you open the app for the first time, it may take a while to populate the screen with artwork.  You can scroll through the  thumbnails or do a search.  When you find something you like, touch the thumbnail and the art will open in full screen.


You see the name of the artwork and the name of the creator.

To get more information about the art work, you can touch the up arrow at the bottom of the screen.


An overlay will appear with a detailed description of the art work.  You will also see a list of keywords and the date the artwork was uploaded.  In addition, there are color swatches. The keywords are used when you search for art work.

On the full screen display, there are 5 icons on the right side of the bottom menu.    The rightmost icon is a thumbs up and the one just to the left of it is a like icon.  They display the number of thumbs up and likes.  To use these buttons you need to sign in to the app.  You can create an account or use Facebook to sign in.

The icon in the middle of the 5 icons is the comments icon.  You can see the comments others have made about the artwork.  To write your own comment, you need to be signed in.

The second button will activate the camera.  You are told to hold the iPad about 10 feet from the wall you want to put the artwork on.


You can also print the wall target and paste it on the wall.

The first of the 5 buttons on the bottom right menu is the shopping cart item.



This gives you the choices for purchasing the item and the prices.  You can choose from Canvas Print, Framed Print, Acrylic Print, Art Print or Greeting Card.  Touch one of the choices and you will get more options to choose from.  You can change the image size (the price of the artwork will change accordingly).  You can choose a frames and a mat and the artwork will be shown in the selected frame and mat.


After you have made your selections, you can turn on the camera and get a view of the artwork on the wall of your choice.

The app has several search options.  You can search by keywords by entering them in the search box.


You can narrow the search by the following:

Medium – Choose from paintings, photographs, digital art, drawings or mixed media

Sort the collection – Sort by featured artwork, best sellers, recently sold or artwork with the most comments

Collection – Select one of over 30 different artwork collections

Artist – The app currently shows all artists based on the other criteria

Currency – Select the currency you want to display when shopping for the artwork

The Pixels.com app has a large amount of art beautifully displayed.  The outstanding feature is the ability to use the iPad’s camera to visualize how the artwork will look on your own home’s wall.

Pixels.com is available for free in the App Store.  Here is an App Store link to download pixels.com

Sheila Bigel

I am a retired Computer Programmer and Elementary School Teacher. I currently combine both of these experiences by volunteering to teach computers to Seniors at a local Senior Center. I specialize in iPad Courses, as I love the device.

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