Evernote Introduces New Plus and Premium Accounts

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evernote plus and premium

Evernote recently introduced a new set of pricing tiers. You can still use the services for free across all your devies, but if you become a power user who wants to keep more notes and have more access to your notes (even while offline), you’ll want to invest in Evernote Plus or Evernote Premium.

Here are highlights of what differentiates each tier (full list here):


  • 60 MB worth of uploads per month
  • 25 MB max. file size per note
  • OCR of text within images attached to notes
  • note access across iOS, Android, Web, and Desktop clients
  • Work Chat for instant messaging within the service and sharing files (kind of like Evernote’s take on Slack social features)

Evernote Plus ($3/month or $25/year)

  • 1 GB worth of uploads per month
  • 50 MB max. file size per note
  • offline access to notes on iOS + Android (a must-have feature for me)
  • passcode lock on iOS + Android
  • ability to save notes via e-mail (a very good power-user feature for triaging)

Evernote Premium ($6/month or $50/year)

  • Unlimited uploads
  • 200 MB max. file size per note (that’s a lot of PDFs or PowerPoint files!)
  • PDF annotation
  • View previous versions of notes (like Dropbox file history)

It’s important to note that Evernote doesn’t have a maximum account limit on storage. So if you max out a free account in one month, you’ll get another 60 MB worth of upload capability in the next month. You probably won’t burn through 60 MB if you’re using Evernote as more of an archive — especially if your notes are just text.

You’ll want to consider upgrading if you use Evernote more as a workspace, like I do at my office. It’s a great place to keep presentations for easy editing and syncing. Evernote Premium has been around for a while; it’s been made a little pricier by this change ($5 more per year), but it has also seen some improvements as a result (larger note size, unlimited uploads). I’m currently a very happy Premium user, with no plans to change that any time soon.

However, Evernote Plus is really the most newsworthy part of this update. A middle-tier account is really what Evernote has needed for a while now, especially as the service has evolved from “your external brain” into “your life’s work”.

What I’d love to see from the company is a pivot to becoming a sort of file provider on iOS — akin to how you can choose files from Dropbox or OneDrive on the iPad. I’d love to use the Outlook app on the iPad and pick files out of my Evernote account to send to coworkers. These recently announced pricing tiers might be able to indirectly help that by making it easier to convert people into heavier Evernote users (who will also want better Evernote file access).

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