Notes for iOS receives an updated, expanded role in iOS 9

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iOS9-Notes-appApple has an iOS app called Notes–ever hear of it?  No?  I’m not surprised.  For those of you not familiar with this app, it’s one of Apple’s stock apps that comes pre-installed on your iPad.  For many, though it ends up getting relegated to a folder or buried in one of your lesser used home pages–forgotten and unloved.  I’ve tried to use it a few times in the past, but could never manage to stay with it for an extended period of time because it just did’t provide features that many other productivity apps offered for free.  That was until now.

Now, the Notes app will finally have all of its contents saved to iCloud so all of your information can be saved and accessible across all your iOS devices as well as on your Mac.  The new and improved Notes app for your iPad now supports many different ways of saving your quick ideas, in addition to providing you new ways of saving them all in one place. In addition to simple text entries, now you can…



Create a quick checklist.  You can now take any list and turn it into a checklist with a series of bullets.  A great add-on for that to-do list or list of shopping items you take with you to the grocery store.

Add a photo.  Photos and videos can be added either by accessing your photo library, or by taking a photo right from within the app itself.

Draw/sketch an idea with your finger!  Apple now provides drawing tools with various brush and color choices–they even have a ruler to assist in keeping your drawings straight.

Add a Map or URL.  You can now use the share button in Safari and other compatible apps to save attachments like maps, documents and URL’s right into a note.

All of your attachments are conveniently saved into a repository in the browser that organizes them into a simple, clean view making finding them at a later date easy and convenient.


Will Notes replace other, more powerful and well-established To-Do and productivity apps you currently use?  Perhaps–but not likely for the power users out there.  What it will do, though, is provide one more reason for new users and the vast majority of iPad owners one more reason to stay inside the Apple ecosystem where it’s safe and convenient.


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