Quick Look: Centrallo, an Evernote alternative for your productivity needs

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Evernote has had a firm foothold on the productivity app market-especially when you consider their deep integration across multiple mobile platforms, in addition to the web. I myself have tried several times to find new, more appealing alternatives to fit my basic needs without all the clutter. However, in the end, I always seem to come back to what I know best, and where I have the biggest investment. That’s not to say there aren’t new productivity apps, and improvements to existing apps that continue to challenge Evernote for the crown. Even a simple option like the Notes app in iOS, is enough for many users.

Centrallo has been around since August of 2014, providing users with a clean and easy way to prioritize, organize and create lists to make their lives more productive. I liked their app well enough to give it a look when it first came out. It was a cross platform app that was also available in a web version–a must for me. It was good, but not great for my needs, and so I haven’e been back in a while.


What Does Centrallo have to offer current Evernote users?

Recently, the developers at Centrallo have taken a unique approach to lure Evernote users to their platform. They have developed an Evernote importer tool that elegantly preserves note hierarchy.  When the import is complete your notes will be organized into structured lists, and lists-within-lists that are searchable and easy to share. Best of all, they are all synced quickly in real-time across all of your devices, as well as on the web.

Got your attention yet?  If you register for a new Centrallo account and enter promo code – ENPWR-90 at the time of registration, you can also receive 90-days of Centrallo Premium. Still think Evernote has more to offer than Centrallo?  Take a look at this side-by-side comparison and judge for yourself.


A recent list of changes included in the latest update include …

— Add notes, lists, photos, links and more into one, central location to organize and prioritize at your convenience
— Prioritize what’s most important and set due dates to stay on track
— Collaborate on projects or planning with list sharing
— Create list hierarchies to keep everything in order
— Store photos, videos, voice notes and links
— Quickly forward items to your customized Centrallo email address to store everything in one place
— Drag and drop items for simple customization

…and most importantly–the ability to create list within lists!!!  This feature is a stand alone feature that many have clamored for in Evernote and other Productivity apps.



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