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EasilyDo Mail

Email clients come and go with great regularity these days.  There’s always someone working hard to come up with the next big thing.  In an already crowded category, it’s increasingly hard to stand out.  We all use email–it’s a necessary task that we all partake in until someone comes up with a better system.  Unfortunately, the biggest sticking point for many new email clients is that, to get the best  experience out of them you have to fully invest in the platform.  This “all in” mentality can become frustrating when even some of the most popular email clients haven’t stood the test of time.  I’m looking at you Sparrow & Mailbox.

My newest favorite email client is non-specifically called Email–which seems a little weird.  It’s already hard to stand out in this crowded category.  A strong name could go a long way in setting it apart form other apps.  Having said that, it’s also referenced as EasilyDo Mail, incorporating the developer’s name that also designed EasilyDo Assistant.

Questionable names aside, I’m continuously drawn back to EasilyDo Mail.  I’ve been trying to find an excuse to delete it from my iPhone for the last week or so, but I just can’t seem to do it.  My email client of choice for the last 6+ months had been Spark by the awesome team over at Readdle.  Spark is a great email app that also supports an iPad version, something we won’t see from EasilyDo Mail until an update is pushed through in August.  I was somewhat hesitant to jump in feet first without a supported Mac version on the horizon–especially after hearing that Spark is coming to Mac in the near future.  However, there aren’t too many email clients available that support iPhone, iPad & Mac versions anyway.

What is it about EasilyDo Email that makes it such an enjoyable experience on my iPhone?

EasilyDo is a sum of its parts.  Aside from the surprisingly clean, uncluttered UI, there isn’t any one feature that I can’t live without, or that isn’t found in one form or another on some competing platforms.  However, for me, there are enough “little” things that have me super excited for an iPad version, too.

Built-in Assistant
-Your email is further broken down and divided into categories that “assist” you in locating specific  types of emails.  See all your Attachments, Bills & Receipts, Entertainment in one place. Never miss important information

Unsubscribe from those pesky SPAM emails
– You can now unsubscribe from junk mail with one tap, as well as manage your mail subscriptions all in one place.  This feature is actually a lot more exciting than it sounds!

Customizable Swipe Options
– Use the default swipe options, or customize the long/short, left/right swiping to your liking–especially useful if you’re a left-handed individual, and tired of not having choices

Swipe Options

Super Fast Search
– Searching your emails and folders is quick and easy and can be initiated by contact or keywords.

Simple, Elegant design
– Beautiful design that is easy to use and isn’t cluttered with bell and whistle features that you lose interest in.

Real-Time Travel Alerts
– Flights, hotels, and more in one place! If a flight is delayed or a gate changes, Email goes a step further and notifies you faster than the airlines. In addition, there is support for more than twice as many travel providers than with Gmail.

Package Tracking and Alerts
– No more going to mail messages to find out package tracking codes, you can check the status of all your packages in one folder.

Snooze Messages
– Open and triage messages when you want or have the time to. Plus, you can also customize snooze times.

Security and Privacy 
– All your Email is fetched and stored right on the phone.

This version of Email client supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and IMAP mail accounts. Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook 365 support is coming soon.

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