Quick Look: Evernote’s Scannable App

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evernote scannable app

As much as I love using Evernote, I’m often a little wary when I try out one of their new apps. Penultimate has never worked well for me, and other apps like Evernote Food and Evernote Hello are good concepts, but their data formats aren’t easily editable, and so I find they run counter to what I love so much about the core Evernote service. That said, Scannable seems like a breath of fresh air.

It just so happens that I had an expense report to do at work, and so I downloaded Scannable to my iPad to try it out. The moment the app was installed, it was pretty much ready to go, without having to enter any logins. The UI in this app is really well optimized. There isn’t any button to enter a “scanning” mode, it just starts that way, and so all you need to do is point it at pieces of paper that you want to scan.

The scanning process itself looks magical, and seems to work quite well for receipts. All I needed to do was point the camera at one and wait for a few seconds — that’s it! Scannable animates the auto-cropping and perspective shifting of the document, and it got 4/5 of my documents cropped perfectly on the first try. For the final document that Scannable simply couldn’t identify, it was easy to trigger a manual cropping mode to do the work myself.

Once all five pages were scanned, I tapped the share button and shared to Evernote. A prompt asked me for my login (which only happens the first time, naturally) and then which notebook I’d prefer to save to. When I checked my Evernote account moments later, I saw a five-page PDF waiting for me at the top of my notes list. The fact that Scannable produces PDFs, and not several JPEGs like the Evernote app’s “Document Scanner” functionality, is a big deal to me. I’ve used other apps like Scanbot particularly because a PDF is handled better within Evernote than JPEGs (which tend to block the whole screen and obscure my notes).

One of the very best things about Evernote is how versatile it is, and yet that’s also one of the things that can overwhelm new users to the service. Scannable, on the other hand, is a new app from Evernote that feels absolutely laser focused on saving you time and effort so that you can easily share your documents. You know exactly what to do when you enter Scannable, and I’m amazed at how efficient it is to use, especially when you consider that it’s completely free. If you rely on any kind of scanner or scanning service for everyday work, you’ll want to download Scannable today.

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