Quick Look: Spark Email for iPad

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The proclaimed demise of email has seemed to been imminent for years.  Love it or hate it, most people refer to their interaction with email as not voluntary, but more of a necessary evil.  I prefer to take the high road.  Although there have been countless attempts to replace the typical email client interaction, I really don’t mind the basic format that we have all come to know.  That’s not to say I don’t think email can be improved–because it definitely needs some help.  There have been many attempts to do just that with dedicated apps that support the iPad’s larger screen.  However, few have stuck around and from the ones that have, even fewer continue to refine and update their app to improve the user experience.  That was until Spark email was introduced for the iPhone, and subsequently updated last week to a universal app.


What makes Spark Email different?

If you’ve been around the Mac, and iOS ecosystem in particular, you have seen some really feature rich email clients over the years.  I remember finally enjoying email again with apps like Sparrow before Gmail purchased and eventually pulled it form the App Store and Mailbox before it was shut down by Dropbox.  Sparrow took the whole experience, and cleaned it up visually.  Mailbox and it’s intuitive new email triage capabilities had users so excited about email again that there was hundreds of thousands of people signing up just for the chance to try it as part of a rolled out release.

With Spark you have both–a clean, well organized app that stands on the shoulders of everything we loved about Mailbox, but with new, layered features that will make you like you email again.  Add to that the staying power of Readdle, and you can be assured that Spark will be updated and improved frequently.  In addition, Readdle is working on a Mac version of Spark so that you will be able to use it on all of your Apple devices!

Spark has a powerful feature list

Spark_for_iPadYou’re probably asking yourself–how do you interact with your email differently with Spark, and why should I care?  Glad you asked…

  • Customizable Snooze–You’re in that meeting, and you get what appears to be an important email, but you don’t have time to read it now.  No worries, just snooze it until you do, and it will pop back up in your inbox at that desired time.
  • Attachments–This is one of my favorites.  Attachment searching is so easy.  Access to your attachments is one tap away.  In addition, you can save any attachment to your favorite cloud supported program.
  • Smart Inbox–Everyone would love better way to triage their email.  We saw the first successful example of this with Mailbox App.  Now with Spark, not only do you have a unified mailbox, but it’s also smart, and can automagically reorder and categorize your email so that you can sort through them faster.


  • Integrations–Connect Spark to your favourite online services.  Save files to your favourite cloud service or attach them to your emails from it. We support Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, One Drive, and Google Drive.
  • Smart Search--Search how you would typically talk by using plain English sentences.  No more having to fit your searches into a pre-determined, antiquated system.
  • Personalization–Here is another place where Spark shines–customizations.  You decide what shows up your sidebar, and what actions swipes on any email message, as well as what widgets are available to you.
  • Smart Notifications
  • Works with any email address
  • Personalized Widgets
  • Compose Emails with ease
  • Great email viewer
  • Sync Accounts and Settings Across Devices
  • Spark Has Learned 9 Languages


Spark email has me hooked.  I already had it installed on my iPhone, and had been using the beta version for a while before the general public release.  The team at Readdle is very active in refining as well as adding new features to Spark.  In addition, they are very receptive to comments and suggestions.  But don’t just take my word for it, download and try Spark for free and like your email again.




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7 thoughts on “Quick Look: Spark Email for iPad”

  1. I find Spark a little complex to configure and slow to render HTML email. I hope that changes.

    I’m an Inbox by Google user and find it works well except for lack of support for any email except Gmail (sorry Exchange users).

    Spark also supports a unified inbox view which sadly Google lacks.

    What keeps me on Inbox is: (a) cross platform, (B) fast , (c) web ui , (d) awesome integration with travel plans (bye-bye TripIt).

    1. Thanks for the comment, Wayne. Don’t get caught up in configurations–the defaults will serve you well. I tried Inbox a couple of times. I wanted to like it, but it just wasn’t for me–gad it’s working for you, though. I have multiple email accounts, and I, too, love the unified Inbox as well as the Priority inbox in Spark. I understand the cross-platform ding. I’ve tried Android a couple of times, but I always came back to iOS. To be honest, more often than not, the apps I find myself using the most end up being apps that are iOS only. Perhaps it’s because with only one platform to develop for, the resulting app works better–just a thought. I haven’t noticed the slow rendering–I’ll watch for that.

    2. Spark is cross-platform. It supports Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail and iCloud. They had a problem with Exchange implementation which they did have when it started out and removed it. I feel once they iron out the bugs it will return.

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Spark which was new to me. All I need now is a web based version so that I can have the same tools for multiple accounts, on my PC!

    1. Glad you like it, Linda!

      Unfortunately, you are the second person already to comment on the desire for a web version. I’m just spit-balling here, but I don’t think it’s in the cards–at least not for now. I know they are working on a Mac version, which I will buy in a New York minute. Funny, though, that while sharing some of the perks of Spark, I discovered a few features I was unaware of. I like it even more now! And if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, it is even more fun to use.

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