What are the best cloud storage options available on the iPad?

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Yesterday I wrote abut how to upgrade or downgrade the amount of iCloud storage you need for your iPad.  While I suspect that this is the default cloud service used by the majority of iPad owners–it certainly isn’t the only cloud service available to store your data in the cloud.  One of our readers who read my post from yesterday brought up a good point

Why not suggest to open a Hotmail or GMail account and get a free 15 Gig of storage?     –DAN

This got me thinking.  Dan is absolutely right.  There are definitely other viable options out there worth mentioning.  So, after  little research, I thought I’d gather some of the more popular cloud storage  options for iPad owners.  For the sake of this exercise, here are a few basic ground rules I’m applying in my comparison.

  • Only real-time offers available _right now_ are considered
  • No special offers or promotions considered for buying your iPad at any particular retail outlet.
  • No extra incentives to “earn” additional storage (e.g. referring friends, tweeting or sharing on Facebook for additional “free” storage)
  • Personal accounts only–no business or shared accounts
  • New iPad owners only–no bonus deals for having been grand-fathered in to legacy deals.



Links to the pricing structure for each cloud service


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11 thoughts on “What are the best cloud storage options available on the iPad?”

  1. I have tried Amazon. But Amazon does not have “resume” function. If you stop uploading a file you will to upload the whole file again.
    Besides that Amazon is very slow. Upload a file that hours or days if your file is really big.

    1. Hey Jack–
      Have you tried to upload more than the one time? Perhaps it was your internet connection that was restricting the upload speeds?

    1. The OneDrive Blog ( https://blog.onedrive.com/office-365-onedrive-unlimited-storage/ ) doesn’t talk about the roadmap for consumer accounts, just that OneDrive for business will start rolling out unlimited storage in 2015. Perhaps they are just running behind?

      “For OneDrive for Business customers, unlimited storage will be listed on the Office 365 roadmap in the coming days and we will begin updating the First Release customers in 2015, aligned with our promise to provide ample notification for significant service changes. In the meantime, get started using your 1 TB of storage today”

  2. I used to use a couple of those services but have moved over to BitTorrent Sync. I have it on my Synology and my main computer plus my iPhone and iPad. My NAS is on all the time so there is no issue of it being unavailable. The really big advantage I found was that when I’m home the speeds accessing my files are really fast since everything is on the local network rather than heading out to the Internet. The storage is unlimited and it’s free.

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