Wunderlist for iPad receiving big overhaul in 2015

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I love To-Do lists and Productivity apps in general.  Some may say I love them to a fault.  See if this sounds familiar–you want to find the perfect To-Do / Productivity list app.  You try so hard, and you invest so much time in researching your needs against what is available that you never can decide on just the right one.  This has been a problem form me for years–and I’m sure part of the problem is me and my indecisiveness with regard to this issue.  However, there has to come a time when you decide to either [email protected] or get off the pot.

I always enjoyed using Wunderlist, but it never quite fit my needs with regard to how I _wanted_ to use it, and the support and integration it had with other apps was lacking for me.  So, a few month ago I started using Evernote as a task manager/To-Do list/repository of all things important from my work, my writing and my personal life.  Thomas has already written extensively on the merits of such a move.

Now, again, I’m reconsidering my choice.  Wunderlist CEO Christian Reber announced major changes coming to the Wunderlist platform this year–and they all sound great!

  • Folders.  F IN A L L Y ! ! !  To be honest, this is one of the “missing” features of Wunderlist I wanted the most.  For me, there has always been a real need to separate work, writing and home tasks further into dedicated folders as opposed to running lists.  This was one of the deciding factors for me in finally choosing Evernote.
  • Redesigned Home/Sidebar.  A redesigned user interface is usually a welcomed addition–although for now we’ll hold judgement until the final product is revealed.
  • Quick Add.  The addition of a Quick add button at the bottom of the screen will be a nice/quick way to add ideas and to-do lists.

…adding to-dos to Wunderlist has become truly intelligent. Like magic, Quick Add instantly recognizes and creates a Reminder and Due Date as you type or speak.

  •  App Integrations / Public API.  They had me at the addition of Folders, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that this is definitely 2nd on my wish list.  App Integration is the “other” game-changing feature for me that is already fully integrated into Evernote.  I use the CloudMagic email client on my iPad and iPhone.  Being able to triage important message straight to Evernote via the “cards” interface is a viable addition to an already excellent alternative email client.  If CloudMagic takes advantage of the public API, which I would expect them to, I might have to take a hard look at changing back over to Wunderlist later this year.  It’s true that Wunderlist already has a Mail-To feature that allows users to forward emails to [email protected] where they are turned into a to-do.  However, this isn’t nearly as easy as an integrated API, and not nearly as intuitive either.
  • Wunderlist for Work.  For all of you using sharing Wunderlist To-Do lists with co-workers, Wunderlist for Work is expected to be a nice addition that will provide activity logs, business-owned lists, a central dashboard, rights management and custom web hooks.

Mr Reber doesn’t provide a timeline as to when to expect these changes later this year.  However, he does go on to say that

We’re also already preparing our iPhoneiPad and Mac apps for the next generation of iOS and OS X

which could mean that we most likely won’t see these improvements/changes until WWDC this summer for iOS, and possibly as late as this fall when the next anticipated OS X update will occur for the Mac platform.  Only time will tell.  You can follow the Wunderlist Blog to stay on top of the latest announcements.

Here’s an App Store link for Wunderlist; it’s still FREE to download and use right now, and there is a Pro Subscription that is available as an in-app purchase.  It would’t hurt to download it now if you haven’t already, you never know what a major update my do to the price point.

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