Quick Look: 3D Wallpaper Pro for iPad

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3D Wallpaper Pro for iPad

3D Wallpaper Pro is a brand new app for the iPad featuring a collection of  stunning 3D images for use as iPad wallpapers. 

I’m always on the lookout for great iPad wallpapers, so of course this app caught my eye when it was released earlier this week. I made a not of it when I got an email about it from its developer and got a chance to install it today. Hit the jump for quite a few screencaps from the app and my quick review of it …

3D Wallpaper Pro for iPad


— The app comes with two free packs of 3D wallpaper images – each containing 50 wallpapers, all optimized to 1365X1024 resolution. Six more packs are available via In-App purchase at $0.99 each. You can browse through the additional packs and preview the images to see whether you want to purchase them.

— No internet connection is needed to browse in the app.

— You can share wallpapers via Twitter and Facebook.

3D Wallpaper Pro


— The images are superb quality throughout all the packs. There are some truly awesome wallpapers in the packs. If you like landscape and nature scene wallpapers you will love some of the walls on offer here.

— There’s a neat slider that lets you make each image darker or brighter to suit your taste.

3D Wallpaper Pro

— From the Options button, you can preview the images as home screen or lock screen.

3D Wallpaper Pro

— Also from the Options button, you can save walls to Favorites or to the Camera Roll.

3D Wallpaper Pro

— There are free updates every month.

— The app is extremely fast. Everywhere you tap, the response is very quick. Images load super quick, as do the galleries. Basically, everything is fast and smooth throughout the app.


— The app has lots of great landscape and fantasy wallpapers, but there’s not that rich a selection of abstract or texture type images.

— The $0.99 price of the app is a (UK Bank Holiday) launch price, so it is likely to go up soon – and the extra wallpaper packs are a further 99 cents each. Some may feel that there are enough good resources around for free iPad wallpapers.

3D Wallpaper Pro


3D Wallpaper Pro is a very well executed app, with a great collection of 3D wallpapers for the iPad. It’s very fast and smooth to use, and has some handy features.

The two free packs of wallpapers provide 100 striking and high quality images to use, and you can add extra packs of 50 wallpapers if you’re not averse to paying a little extra for them.

My wallpaper choice for today is the image just above the ‘Overall’ heading, darkened all the way using the app’s slider.

3D Wallpaper Pro

Here’s an App Store link for 3D Wallpaper Pro, it’s priced at $0.99 as a special launch price.

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