Quick Look: Elicity for iPad – Browse YouTube with Word Clouds

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Elicity for iPad

Elicity is a new iPad app that has quite a simple purpose; it lets you browse and share YouTube videos via word clouds. Here’s its brief App Store intro:

Explore the millions of videos available on YouTube with the beautiful word clouds created by Elicity.
Makes browsing YouTube a wonderfully tactile and intuitive experience.
Share word clouds and discovered videos with friends, via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
Gorgeous fonts, delicious color schemes – create something unique whilst browsing.

As you may have noticed, I’m finding myself drawn to a number of video-focused apps for the iPad, as there are so few good things to watch on TV these days. Elicity’s word cloud concept is certainly different enough to be worth a look – so I’ve been trying it out last night and today.

Elicity Word Cloud


The app offers a range of colors and options for the word clouds. You can set font size, density of words, layout style (mostly vertical, mostly horizontal, the default of 50/50 etc), color scheme and a few other similar items to affect the way the word cloud appears.

You can also tap on the palette-like icon to change to a new layout – each tap will bring up a new scheme.

Tapping on the Lucky Dip button brings up the word cloud for a randomly generated search word.

The app shows 25 video results per topic (unless you hit it with some terribly obscure search word I assume). The Video Results button at the bottom left will show a badge indicating how many videos are found for your keywords, or for just what’s trending right now if you don’t search for anything.

Video results are shown as relatively large thumbnails in a popover from the Video Results button.

As in any good iPad video app, you can toggle to view individual videos full screen or within a page. The standard page for them shows Facebook, Twitter, and email share buttons just below the video, followed by brief details on the clip. It’s also got AirPlay support.


— The popover for video results and the pages for individual videos are nicely done.

Hearns Videos

Hearns v Hagler

— The app works well – it’s quite fast at returning word clouds for search words, loading video results and playing videos.


— Whenever I tap on a specific word or words in the word clouds I assume it will get me new results more focused on the word/s I chose – but this just doesn’t happen. The results are still scattershot and almost never focus in on the words I tap on. For example I started with a word cloud based on the search word ‘boxing’ and then tapped on ‘Sugar Ray’ or ‘Duran’ – and found that the results didn’t feature the fighters I was selecting any more than before, and often much less so. This feels very counter intuitive to me.

— I think a number of the color schemes for the word clouds are not far off garish in their appearance. This is obviously just my own subjective take, but I found very few of the color schemes appealing.


Elicity is a very simple app, and uses a very basic method for browsing videos. For some this might have huge appeal. For me, it’s just not near as appealing an interface as slicker iPad video apps like Squrl, Vodio, or Frequency.

Here’s an App Store link for Elicity; it’s priced at $1.99.

Disclosure: I was provided with a free promo code for the review of Elicity. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page.   

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