Quick Look: Euro Championship Trivia for iPad

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Euro Championship Trivia iPad game

Euro Championship Trivia for iPad is a game that might be of interest to anyone who a) enjoys trivia games and b) is a fan of football (of The Beautiful Game variety) and enjoys following this major championship. I fall into both those categories so I took a look at this game today.

The European Championship, or Euro 2012, is set to kickoff in Poland and Ukraine in just a couple of weeks. Aside from the World Cup, this is one of the most important, prestigious and hotly contested tournaments in the world of football. With its smaller field there are never any easy matches in this tournament – and I can’t wait to be watching this year’s matches.

So I’m very much in the mood to test out my powers of recollection about the past history of this tournament – and this game lets me do just that.

England question

As you can clearly see from the screenshots included in this post, this game is not going to be nominated for any design awards. It looks very much as if all expenses have been spared when it comes to its interface design. I think that’s just about OK for a game of this type. I’m not saying I wouldn’t appreciate a nicer UI, but the lack of one doesn’t detract too much from this game.

You also won’t find any bells, whistles, or flashy features of any kind in the game. It’s a very simple trivia quiz game. The game’s one sound effect is a rather horrific buzzer sound when you get a question wrong. I can imagine it being used in prisoner torture situations – but luckily it’s easy to trun it off in the app settings.

Here are details on what the game does offer:

You have to answer questions from Euro Championship Football history from 1960 to 2008. Each test is unique since questions are generated new each time you play. You can play 4 different levels:

•Level 1. You have to answer 10 questions. For each question you have 20 seconds. Each correct answer will give you 400 points plus the bonus score you get from time left (1 point each 0.1 second).
•Level 2. You have to answer 15 questions. For each question you have 15 seconds. Each correct answer will give you 300 points plus the bonus score you get from time left (1 point each 0.1 second).
•Level 3. You have to answer 20 questions. For each question you have 10 seconds. Each correct answer will give you 200 points plus the bonus score you get from time left (1 point each 0.1 second).
•Level 4. This is a survivor level. You keep answering questions until your first miss. You start with 20 seconds to answer the questions and then, after 5 questions, the time for answering is cut by 2 seconds.

The first thing I noticed about the game, apart from the basic interface, is that it’s tough – at least for me, and I’ve been following the European Championships since at least the 1988 tournament – when a scintillating Holland team won it and I watched the final stages with good friends in Madrid. The questions are challenging in general, and those that cover the tournaments prior to 1988 are especially hard for me.

Tough question

Tough Question 2

I like that it’s easy to switch to whichever level you want to play via the app’s settings. You don’t have to reach a particular score or score within a set time in order to advance – so you can hammer away at whichever level you find most fun. Since three of the levels are timed but vary the time limits and one is a non-timed survivor mode it’s cool to be able to spend time on the ones you like best, or can get the best results in.


I found I enjoy all the levels but especially the get one wrong and you’re done survivor mode – even though it’s kicking my arse pretty regularly so far.

This game is a keeper for me – perhaps not for the long term, but in the run-up to and during Euro 2012 it will be good fun to have around. If you’re a football and football trivia fan this simple game should be appealing. Oh, and it’s currently listed as free until ‘Friday 25’ (May 25).

Here’s an App Store link for Euro Championship 2012 Trivia; it’s free at the time of writing and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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