Quick Look: Football Genius HD for iPad

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Football Genius HD for iPad

Football Genius HD is an iPad app that tests your knowledge of football.  Football of the round ball / World Cup / soccer variety that is.  It’s a trivia quiz game covering teams, star players and coaches, and big events in football history.

I’m a huge football fan, so I grabbed this app yesterday and have been enjoying it quite a bit since. Hit the jump for some quick thoughts on it and some more screenshots …

Football Genius HD iPad app 

Here’s just a little detail from the app’s brief App Store description:

Are you a Football Genius?

Test your football knowledge in Football Genius — The Ultimate Quiz!

Packed with hundreds of questions about your favourite teams, players and tournaments!

Includes image and text questions covering all aspects about the worlds most popular sport.

Football Genius is OpenFeint Enabled

I don’t know if I’d use the word genius, but I do fancy myself as being pretty knowledgeable when it comes to football trivia, so the challenge this game presents is one I’m very happy to accept.

The game’s UI is very good.  It’s great looking on the iPad with big bold screens, text, and images – and extremely simple to get around.  From the app’s home screen, you can look at a very minimal Settings page, check your leaderboard / friends etc. status via OpenFeint, see your accumulated achievements, or choose to play.

The gameplay is also quite good.  You get 60 seconds to answer as many multiple choice questions as you can.  Some are pure text-based questions, and others ask you to identify a famous player or coach from a distorted image that gets clearer as time ticks away.

Football Genius HD

The questions are challenging.  I generally do very well at football trivia, but so far have not made any kind of dent in the leaderboard for this game (I’m Number 48 right now). 

Football Genius HD app

A couple of disappointing things about the game are that it does not offer an option to resume a game if you exit the app and come back in (you always have to start fresh) and it does not pause a game’s progress if you put the iPad in sleep mode (so the timer will tick down and expire if you do so for too long). It does at least remember your achievements (getting X number of questions right in a row and X number right total in a game and so forth) and your top scores, via OpenFeint.

Overall, I like this game.  I love the subject at hand, the game is simple and lets you get on with it, and it’s mostly well executed.  If you’re a football fan, and enjoy football trivia, you’re going to like this one.

You can find Football Genius HD in the App Store now, priced at $1.99.

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