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Free 1.5 Million Quotes app for iPad

Free 1.5 Million Quotes is an app full of famous quotes and ‘designed specifically for the iPad’. It includes 50,000 quotes within the app (available even when you’re offline) as well as quick links out to its parent site for access to a total of 1.5 million quotes (hence the rather clumsy name for the app).

I like browsing through famous quotes as much as the next guy; probably a bit more in fact, so I was keen to try the app out when I got an email approach from its developer.  I’ve been trying it out for a few days now and have found a lot to like in it, as well as some not so likable bits.  Hit the break for some quick thoughts on both the good and the not-so-good …

First off, here’s more detail about the app, via its App Store description:

Designed specifically for the IPAD, this is the WORLD’S LARGEST COLLECTION OF QUOTES. Offline, Free 1.5 Million Quotes gives you over 50,000 quotes from your favorite authors for your IPAD. Got internet connection? Take your experience on the web and instantly gain access to over 1.5 million quotes from your favorite people, movies and even TV shows. It is simply the only quotations app you’ll ever need.
– High Definition backdrop photos when viewing quotes on your IPAD.
– Ability to search by author, topic, or quote.
– Favorite a quote to add to your personal Fave Quotes book and access your "fave" quote anytime.
– Ability to go online to favequotes.com directly from the app and access over 1.5 million quotes.
– Share your favorite quote with a simple click of a button. Free 1.5 Million Quotes offers the easiest way to show your quotes to all of your friends on Facebook.
– Random quote of day on the main page dashboard allows you to easily browse in relaxation.

The Good

Free 1.5 Million Quotes has tons of good content, and it makes it easy to find and enjoy in various ways. You can just pop into the app and check out its random selection on the main screen each time you launch it. On the featured quote there are left and right arrow buttons to move through next and previous quotes.

From the app’s home screen you can also browse through Top Topics, e.g. Age, Anger, Friendship, Government, Inspirational, Life, Love and lots more. 


Or you can search for quotes by author, topic, quote, or all.  I love that feature and don’t recall seeing it in any other quotes apps I’ve tried on iOS. It makes it easy to find witty one-liners from Mark Twain, just as a quick for instance …


Or find a superb collection of great quotes from Ernest Hemingway (one of my big favorites) …



As you can see in the screencaps above, quote lists are shown on a sort of parchment effect background, which is fairly easy on the eye.

The Not-so-Good

This is a free app and it’s ad-supported.  That’s all well and good, but the placement of ads is far from ideal. On the home screen, ads sit within the same block as the featured quote. It would be nicer for them to be shown in their own separate space at top or bottom or wherever works – their current placement distracts from the featured quotes.

The rendering of individual quotes (when you tap on one within a list) is awful. The popover box for these is way too busy and makes it hard to enjoy or even see the quote text properly. The box features photos in the background – and that seem to have no relevance at all to the quotes they’re attached to. The quote text itself doesn’t stand out well on the photo backgrounds. The quote author’s name is rendered in a totally different style to the quote text, and there’s an advert within the popover. It’s just a big mess. It would be far better to render individual quotes in the same or a similar manner as they are treated in the list views.


The app offers buttons to share quotes you like via Facebook and Twitter, which is a decent feature.  The Facebook button connects OK for me, but the Twitter button does nothing at all so far.  It seems to just toggle itself on and off when I tap it, but never goes out to let me sign in to Twitter or authorize it.


This is a pretty good free app if you like quotations and want to have a good resource for them on your iPad. It offers great content, a lot of it, and easy ways to discover and enjoy it. It does feel a bit like a 1.0 version (which it is) though, and needs some work on some of its design elements. 

You can find Free 1.5 Million Quotes in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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