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iTrivia: All About Apple

If you like trivia and you’re a big Apple fan, then you may well like iTrivia: All About Apple. As the name might suggest, it’s a trivia game focused solely on Apple-related trivia. Here’s more about it via its App Store page:

iTrivia is an informative, entertaining quiz featuring 500 challenging questions written by Apple fans for Apple fans. If you think you know all about Apple, its major players and its products – or if you want to learn more – this game is for you.

iTrivia’s multiple-choice questions cover educational and amusing facts in five categories: Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous. After each round of ten questions, you’ll get a little evaluation of your Apple savvy: will you be deemed a Caveman or a perhaps Genius Bar Genius? And you can check how your Apple Knowledge Quotient is increasing with every round. To build your knowledge, use the Review feature to brush up on questions you couldn’t answer.

• Over 500 challenging Apple questions
• 5 categories: Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous
• Review function for missed questions
• Automatically saves your progress
• Separate controls for music and sounds. Supports the iPod function.
• Universal app; looks equally sharp on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

iTrivia: All About Apple



— This is a game that’s very easy to dive in and out of. If you only have a couple minutes to kill, it’s easy to just do a round or two (of 10 questions each) – and the game remembers all your progress, so you always pick up where you left off. Or you can just plow through as many rounds as you like consecutively.

— The categories are good, as are the questions. Even if you’re a big Apple follower, you’ll likely still find some of them quite tough. Some of them are quite funny as well …

iTrivia: All About Apple

While some of the questions cover Apple history from right back to the beginnings of the company, others are right up-to-date …

iTrivia: All About Apple

— It’s nice getting a score and a bit of an ego boost when you do well on a round. Smile


*** P.S. That’s my one and only perfect round thus far.


— The question set is not that large – so if you play regularly, you’re bound to start seeing some repeat questions.

— There are a few little bits of sloppiness in the app – for instance, I spotted a typo on one of the questions – where it was referring to the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) but had it entered as WWCD. This is a very minor thing though of course.



iTrivia: All About Apple is a simple, fun trivia game. If you’re an Apple fan and fancy that your Apple knowledge is quite strong, then you should definitely let this game give you a run for your money.

Here’s an App Store link for iTrivia: All About Apple – it is priced at $0.99 and it’s a universal app that is designed for both iPad and iPhone.

*** This app was independently purchased by the post author in the iPad App Store. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the "About" page. 

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