Quick Look: LIFE Wonders of the World Photography Book for iPad

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Life Wonders of the World iPad app

A wondrous book—now on a wondrous device, the iPad

That’s the opening line of the App Store description for the LIFE Wonders of the World Photography Book for iPad – and honestly I wouldn’t argue with that. This is a simple and almost no-frills sort of app, with content so outstanding that the app itself is a complete winner.

Here’s a little more of the App Store Intro to the app:

The editors of LIFE take you on a visual journey through the Grand Canyon to the Eiffel Tower, the pyramids of Giza, the Galápagos islands and so much more. Fifty Wonders in all, on a device that lets you swipe, scroll through and marvel at more than 100 photographs in landscape orientation on your iPad.

The app is not feature-rich by any means, but here are some of its notable ones:

* Images in landscape orientation so that you may view the images at their best

* Use filmstrip tool for quick image navigation through 100+ photos

* Swipe side to side and up and down to view pages

* Clickable table of contents

The book offers stunning images of the 50 wonders from all around the world, as well as a great write-up on each that provides the history and background of each of them – these are often equally as fascinating as the images.


The main sections of the book are: Introduction, Wonders of Old, The 7 Original Wonders, The & New Wonders, 7 Amazing Runners-up, Wonders of Today, an Nature’s Wonders.

Life Wonders of the World on the iPad

Some of the wonders are well-known – but even with these more often than not the incredible photography in the book offers you a new take on something you were already familiar with …

LIFE Wonders of the World book on iPad





Others, at least for me, are wonders and places I’d never heard of before – and that are just fantastic to look at and read about …



This is just a wonderful app if you have any interest at all in the wonders of the world around us.  The stories behind each one are superb, and the photos are even better. It’s an app that will keep me fascinated for a long while and one I can’t wait to share with my daughter.

You can find LIFE Wonders of the World Photography Book in the App Store now, priced at $4.99 – which is a special introductory price until September 3, 2010.

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