Quick Look: Saturday Night Live – The Game for iPad

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Saturday Night Live The Game for iPad

Live from your living room…it’s Saturday night!

Ha – you can’t beat that for an opening line of an iPad app description. At least not if you’re fan of Saturday Night Live. And if you are and you own an iPad you may be pleased to know that Saturday Night Live – The Game is on the iPad App Store.

I’m a long-time fan of SNL so this one caught my eye straight away and I’ve been giving it a go for the last week or so.


Here’s a little more from the App Store page for Saturday Night Live – The Game:

Relive your favorite SNL moments straight from TV to iPad in this game for everyone from casual fans to fanatics. Compete on your own against the timer—or challenge your friends to see who’s the biggest fan. Try it for free, then continue the fun by purchasing the full ’90s game!

The app itself is free and comes with one free ‘content pack’ – which is a set of questions for The ‘90s.

If you register you get a couple more games free – but I have to say the registration is a little much. You have to provide full name, date of birth, gender, and an email address. For just a couple add-on question sets that seems a bit much to me.

You can also buy an additional 7 games via In-App purchase for $1.99.

Saturday Night Live The Game for iPad

Right now when you get to the Choose Era page there is only The 90s available to choose. The 70s, 80s, and 00s are listed as coming soon.

Saturday Night Live The Game for iPad


The content of the trivia quizzes is fun and fairly challenging. There are various types of questions – some with multiple choice answers, others where you need to match items in various ways. My favorites are the ‘Total Recall’ ones where you need to match a sound clip with a photo of an SNL cast member to identify the character in the clip (with several clips given in a row) and the ‘Music Timeline’ questions where you have to match an artist or band name to the song they played live on SNL.

Saturday Night Live The Game for iPad

Saturday Night Live The Game for iPad


There is a solo mode and a multiplayer mode – but unfortunately the multiplayer mode is via something called Duo Pop, which apparently (from what I can see here) requires some sort of ‘popper’ accessory. Including this option, if it’s one the game developers are tied to, is fair enough – but having it as the only multiplayer option seems lame and silly to me. It should be offered alongside multiplayer over WiFi / Game Center / Open Feint options.

When you register in order to get an additional two games, there’s no indication of what those two are. Similarly, when you tap to look at the In-App purchase for 7 more games at $1.99 there’s also no description at all of what you will get for your money. I would be tempted to add content to this game – but not with zero description of what it is.


This is a fun game automatically for me as a big SNL fan, and the game itself is good. But the app leaves a lot to be desired. The registration form wants too much info, the single Duo Pop multiplayer option is just dumb, the amount of content right now is sparse, and the lack of any detail on In-App purchases is lame.

Here’s an App Store link for Saturday Night Live – The Game.

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