Quick Look: Technode Magazine on the iPad

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Technode is a new magazine title that came to the iPad (and iPhone) a few weeks ago. Here’s a slice of its App Store intro:

Technode is an ace new quarterly technology magazine from the team behind ShinyShiny.tv and TechDigest.tv

In issue 1 we pick the summer’s 20 top gadgets, look at how 4G Mobile will change, look at the impact of coding on digital art and discover why Facebook has turned us all into liars.

I’m a fan of tech magazines and, of course, a big fan of iPad editions – so I was keen to give this title a look. Sadly, it was only worth a very brief look and I never really delved into it, as it just isn’t a real iPad edition. Here’s why:

— The app works in portrait mode only. For me, this is a very poor starting point for most iPad apps, but even more so for a magazine title. With any reading app, whether it’s an eBook, newspaper, or magazine I want to be able to read it in whatever mode I’m most comfortable in, and switch between modes as I shift where I’m reading, and so on. Being stuck in portrait mode makes for a lousy reading experience right off the bat.

— For a quarterly title, it is awfully thin on content – with just eight articles in its first iPad / iOS issue.

— Images in articles cannot be tapped or pinched to zoom in or out on them. They’re static on the page.

— Apart from swiping within and between articles, or tapping on embedded videos, there is no interaction with pages at all. You can’t tap anywhere on the page to bring up controls or navigation help, as is virtually a standard in the vast majority of newspaper and magazine apps. You have to tap a specific area at the very bottom of the page to bring up a single slider to move between pages.

— There’s no ability adjust font size, no sharing ability, no use of popovers.

In short, this is one of those obvious ‘mail it in’ efforts at throwing out an iPad edition with little care or attention. It looks and feels like a glorified PDF document.

Needless to say, this one won’t be staying on my iPad. For any of you who would like to give this one a look for yourself, here’s an App Store link for Technode; it’s a free app.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Look: Technode Magazine on the iPad”

  1. I thought for a first issue it was a good read, not very big but the topics were interesting, especially for the price (free) I will reading a few more issues when they are released

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, but 8 articles still feels very light to me for, especially for a quarterly publication.

      And again, I can’t really comment on the quality of the articles because I was left with no desire to read them because this is just so obviously not an iPad edition.

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