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The Funnies iPad app

The Funnies for iPad is a new app that brings popular comic strips to the iPad. It’s probably not the first app of this type for the iPad, but it’s the first that’s caught my eye and I’ve been giving it a look over the last several days. Here’s its App Store elevator pitch:

All your favourite comic strips on your iPad!

The Funnies brings all your favourite comic strips to your iPad in a stunning app that features stunning, high-quality graphics and a highly-responsive interface.

And some of its notable features:

✓ Choose your favourite among over than 365 different comic strips and follow them as the app refreshes them every day.
✓ Easily search for your favourite comics using the built-in filtering system
✓ Share your favourite strips with your friends through Twitter, Facebook or e-mail
✓ Save the best strips directly to your photo album
✓ Stay always up-to-date with automatic updates to the master comic list, bringing new comics to you on a regular basis

Highlights & Notes

— Good range of comic strips to choose from: I’m not a big follower of the funnies and comic strips anymore, but this seems to me to offer a good selection. Ranging from some old-school classics …

The Funnies for iPad

To lots of good tech-related comics …


It even includes sites like GraphJam – the one shown in the first screencap at the top of this post – which I love.

— Very easy and comfortable interface: The first time you launch the app you choose some comic strips to add to your main screen. You can add more at any time you like later on from the app’s home screen.

The home screen offers a thumbnails view of your selected favorite strips:


You also have a Refresh button on the home screen, that will check for new content for you – and the app does this automatically for you as well …


You just tap on the thumbnail for any strip to jump to that page. Each strip shows just one comic, the most recent. On each individual item page there’s a link to the comic’s web site – and you can Share the strip via email, Twitter, or Facebook. There’s also an option to save the item to your Saved Photos album – more on that below.

It’s easy to swipe left and right to move between strips.

Here are a couple more favorite strips:




The app crashes relatively often – especially when working with the sharing functions and always when using the save option. I’d rather see it let you favorite items, and store those within the app, than have the save to photo album option – and either way it needs to get the crashing fixed.

I’m not fussed about it, but I suppose some users might want to see the app offer push notifications when new comics are available.


The Funnies is a simple but nicely done app. There’s not much to it, but there really doesn’t need to be. If you like comics and want a nice way to browse through all your favorites in one place, then this is a good option for you.

You can find The Funnies in the App Store now, priced at $4.99.

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