Quick Look – The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad

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The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad

It’s taken me quite a while to discover this app – as it’s been out since right around iPad launch day.  I’d always heard very good things about it, but it has still exceeded my high expectations.  The Guardian Eyewitness app for the iPad is just superb. 

As its App Store description states, it showcases the world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs, providing a daily, visual reflection of global events.  Even if you’re not usually fascinated with photography, this app presents stunning and gripping images that will leave you unable to put it down until you’ve seen all of them.

The Guardian Eyewtiness app for ipad

Here’s more detail from the app’s App Store page:

Developed by the most popular digital newspaper in the UK, the app provides free access to our award-winning Eyewitness photography series, which appears in full colour in the centre spread of the Guardian newspaper each day.

The Guardian Eyewitness app has been specifically developed to offer a customised iPad experience, bringing thought-provoking imagery direct to your device on a daily basis.

Created by the same team that developed the Guardian iPhone app (the No 1 UK paid for news app) – the Guardian Eyewitness iPad app offers:

• Rolling access to the latest 100 images from our award-winning photography series – free

• Custom designed interface built specifically to take advantage of the iPad.

• Each photo selected from thousands to offer the most compelling visual experience on iPad

• ‘Pro tips’ written by our award-winning photography team to offer technical insights

• Ability to save photos as favourites and share them via email and Facebook

I’m a terrible photographer, beyond help – but if you’re someone who has a knack for it or you’re looking to develop one, then you’ll enjoy the short Pro Tips offered on each photo.

I like that you can favorite an image – and found plenty of favorite-worthy images of course.

Here are a few more examples of some of the amazing photos in the app:

The Guardian Eyewitness app

The Guardian Eyewitness on iPad

The Guardian Eyewitness

I’m very glad to have finally discovered The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad.  It is certainly among the top free apps I’ve seen for the iPad or iPhone.

You can find The Guardian Eyewitness in the App Store now, and it is a free app.

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